WWE Backlash Music History

WWE Backlash Music

WWE Backlash has returned to the WWE PPV calendar following a 6 year absence.  Below is a full recap of every WWE Backlash PPV themes from 1999 to today. Artists likes Creed, Kid Rock, Cold and Trust Company. Today is the history of WWE Backlash Music.

Backlash 1999

Song: “World One”

Backlash 1999 ResultsReview

Backlash 2000 & 2001

Song: Frenzy

Backlash 2000 – Results

Backlash 2001 – Results

Backlash 2002

Artist: Creed
Song: Young Grow Old

Backlash 2002 – Results

Backlash 2003

Artist: Cold
Song: Remedy

Backlash 2003 – Results

Backlash 2004

Artist: Edgewater
Song Eyes Wired Shut

Backlash 2004 – Results – Review

Backlash 2005

Artist Trust Company
Song “Downfall”

Backlash 2005 – Results

Backlash 2006

Artist Danko Jones
Songs “Baby Hurts Me”

Backlash 2007

Artist: Daughtry
Song “There and Back Again”

Backlash 2008

Remember that annoying All Summer Long song back in yester year? Well that was Kid Rock, who provided another PPV song this time for Backlash 2008. Interesting choice, as April is barely summer!

Artist: Kid Rock
Song: All Summer Long

Backlash 2009

The final Backlash PPV in its original run saw Veer Union Underground use their song “Seasons” as the theme song.

Artist: Veer Union Underground
Song: “Seasons”

Backlash 2016

Backlash returned following a 6 year absence from the WWE calender. The 2016 theme song is by a band called Downplay, the song is called “The One Who Laughs Last”

Artist: Downplay
Song: “The One Who Laughs Last”

Backlash 2017

Backlash is slowly moving back to it’s original monthly slot. The theme song is to be announced.

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