WWE Opinion: Women’s Championship is Back!

Women's Championship

Women’s Championship Is Back!

The dust is beginning to settle from WrestleMania 32, and in amongst the good and the bad of the show there is one moment which can be taken away from the show is the long overdue return of the Women’s Championship. Well in actual fact, this is regarded as a new championship rather than a reactivation of the old one. This makes this slightly confusing, because the original Women’s Championship has a very long and prestigious history dating back to the 1950s which could be built upon within the current roster. However, the new Women’s Championship marks something very significant…the end of the term Diva.

The ladies of the WWE have long being referred to as Diva’s, going way back to the late 1990s in the Attitude Era when the then-Women’s Championship was reactivated following a couple of years of inactivity. But the term Diva has being almost a derogatory term in some respects which has held back the division and failed to be taken seriously. This wasn’t helped in part by the hiring policy of the WWE, which saw the ladies hired based on their looks rather than wrestling ability. This led to some truly awful matches in the last decade, but this is because the women were put in a position they simply were not ready for.

However, last year marked the beginning of the Diva’s Revolution with an incredible level of credibility bought to the WWE Women’s Division with various superb matches after another, marked with credible championship reigns by both Nikki Bella and Charlotte. The WWE’s decision to now have the Women’s Championship instead of the Diva’s Championship is a long overdue decision, and one this editor feels should never have being done in the first place. This can mean the start of even further great things for the women’s division of the WWE, but they should recognise the history of the original Women’s Championship. Hopefully, the inaugural champion Charlotte will b able to do the championship justice.

But the most important thing is…the women’s division of the WWE finally has a credible championship which they can ultimately be proud of!

What do you think about the new Women’s Championship and the end of the term Diva within the WWE; do you think it is a good or a bad thing…we’d love to know what you think!

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