WrestleMania Preview: Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker

Compile a list of possible opponents for Undertaker at this years WrestleMania and his challenger won’t be anywhere near the top 100. WWE knows how to pull a shocker, Shane McMahons return 6 weeks ago was completely unexpected and utterly brilliant. Placing them inside Hell In A Cell with the stipulations makes this match one of the most intrequing WrestleMania matches in history.

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker – Match Preview

For those unaware of Shane McMahon the following words describe him well; guts, fearless, desire and determined. Shane is far from an in ring ttechnician yet his displays over the years with his unbelievable guts to go above and beyond displays everything that Shane is as a man and a performer.

Shane has leaped off stages, flown coast to coast, been smashed through glass and delivered one of the finest elbow drops ever seen to man (Randy Savage will never be beaten). Place him with The Undertaker inside Hell In A Cell is a recipe for chaos.

The reason for the match is clear; Shane wants control of Raw do his father Vince declared Undertaker his opponent to defeat in order to relinquish Stephanie and Triple H of Authority. If Shane wins, a near 30 month reign will end, a change well overdue.

That is only if he can defeat The Undertaker, something that has only happened once at the Grandest Stage Of Them All. If Shane can overcome the odds then the Undertaker will never appear at Mania again.

It is inevitable that every Mania could be Undertakers last. So the belief that Shane can win is only stronger. Personally given the stipulations Shane should win, Undertaker has nothing to lose with a loss. WWE need the change and Shane is the man to do it.

Winner Shane McMahon

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