WWE List: WWE Greatest Face Turns

Stone Cold Wrestlemania 13

Roman Reigns is once again hot topic of being booed by WWE fans with Stone Cold Steve Austin believing he needs a heel run to be fully appreciated by WWE fans. Austin is 100% correct, the way that Roman Reigns has been booked and pushed, fans are rejecting him. There is no doubt that Reigns has improved. He is a cracking performer in the ring and ready for the main event. Being shoved down peoples faces is the problem, the greatest faces in the industry have played and perfected the art of a bad guy. So much to a point where WWE have listened to the fans and turned them into a fan favourite. Roman Reigns fits that mould; at the end of the day he looks like a bad ass and fits the role of a heel perfectly. Following a successful heel run, the fans will love him, Austin firmly believes this and today we look back at WWE greatest face turns in WWE history that have propelled those superstars into greatness.

Stone Cold Steve Austin (1997)

Of course the first man on our list is the man making his concerns and voices heard. Stunning Steve Austin debuted in early 1996 alongside the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiasse. After letting off steam in ECW utilising his mouth, Austin was left deflated. Following some discussions with Vince McMahon, “Stunning” was dropped and Austin became Stone Cold Steve Austin. A heel with a “I dont care” attitude. Mixed in with a feud with fan favourite Bret Hart, Austin reached new heights. He won the 1997 Royal Rumble albiet after being eliminated. At WrestleMania 13, he faced Bret Hart in an I Quit match.

In an unusual affair, Austin entered the match heel. With Bret doing whatever it took to beat down Austin, the crowd turned and shifted momentum towards liking a bloodied and determined Austin. Following an extremely long Sharpshooter, Austin passed out, forcing special referee Ken Shamrock to declare Bret Hart the winner. The double switch is the most infamous double turn in history and projected Austin to heights never imagined.

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