WWE Opinion: Top 10 Royal Rumble Worst Performers

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In the 28-year history of the Royal Rumble, there have being some amazing competitors and some amazing moments. But with the good, there have being some bad competitors and moments. Here, I shall be bringing you my Top 10 Royal Rumble Worst Performers. But let me say one thing, they won’t necessarily be whoever was in there the shortest. This list was compiled from me brainstorming various Rumble competitors, and who stood out for me for the wrong reasons. So, some of these on the list may or not surprise you. Nevertheless, here are my…

Top 10 Royal Rumble Worst Performers

#10: Andre The Giant (1990)

Now, don’t get me wrong here I do not like putting this man here. But at the beginning of 1990, Andre was at the end of his in-ring WWE career. In recent years, his ability in the ring had slowly declined. When entering the Rumble at number 11, he lasted just over 10 minutes. Managing just two eliminations, Andre looked in constant pain throughout the match and couldn’t hang with the WWE superstars of the time. It is with great reluctance he is put here, but facts is facts. RIP Andre.

#9: Drew Carey (2001)

If ever there was a pointless entrant in the Royal Rumble, this man gets it. Entering the match at number 5 and lasting just shy of 3 minutes. Drew Carey achieved nothing in this match other than a cheap pop. Entering the match as Matt and Jeff Hardy simultaneously eliminated one another, Carey was the lone performer until Kane made his entrance. Attempting to bribe the monster, his plan soon failed and quickly eliminated himself. This somehow earned him a place in the Hall of Fame…

#8: Diamond Dallas Page (2015)

Entering the match at number 14 and lasting just under 3 minutes. DDP entered the match and competed his first contest in 10 years. He looked incredibly blown up and not able to manage the pace of the match. Managing no eliminations, he was soon enough eliminated by Rusev. It was a pretty cool nostalgic moment when he appeared but very quickly looked quite old, which is really surprising considering the success of DDP Yoga.

#7: Ric Flair (2005)

12 years had surpassed since Flair has competed in his last Royal Rumble match. Despite being an active member of the RAW roster for nearly 30 months, never had he looked worse in a performance. He appeared in an entertaining and memorable skit with Eddie Guerrero throughout the night, but he looked truly abysmal in the match. Entering at number 30, he lasted just under 2 minutes before he was eliminated by Edge. A massive decline for the former 60-minute man…

#6: Bushwhacker Luke (1991)

In a moment which is still talked about today, Luke accomplished one of the shortest times in the Royal Rumble match history. Another one where he spent long marching his way to the ring, he was eliminated in 4 seconds by Earthquake. He marched in the ring, and straight back out and marched to the locker room. If anything, it made him look very much like a fool and another appearance where he achieved nothing and was a jobber to the bigger man. In this case Earthquake.


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