WWE Royal Rumble Preview: Last Man Standing

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For months Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens have been tearing each other limb for limb; interfering in each others matches pretty much weekly. These two men despise each other and the only fitting way to finalise the feud is to see who is the “Last Man Standing”. At the Royal Rumble, the sole survivor will become the Intercontinental champion.

The explosive story between these two vicious men started at the 2015 Survivor Series. The Semi Finals of the tournament saw Kevin Owens lose to Dean Ambrose. This didn’t go down very well with the Intercontinental champion who attacked Dean Ambrose and blamed him for stopping his destiny.

A match took place for the belt at Tables, Ladders and Chairs; which saw The Lunatic Fringe clinch his first singles title since 2014. The Prizefighter didn’t control his loss with any grace; blind siding Dean in the following weeks numerous times. On the Jan 7th edition of Smackdown a re-match was billed; however the match ended up in bedlam brawled through the crowd missing the 10 count.

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At the Royal Rumble Dean Ambrose will defend his title against Kevin Owens in one of the most barbaric matches; the Last Man Standing match. The only way to clinch victory is by knocking your opponent down so much they are unable to stand after a 10 count.

Knowing the histories of these two wrestlers no doubt the Royal Rumble will see another brawl. It is very likely that we will see these two men go beyond the norm of recent Last Man Standing matches. I can certainly see that it will be a war of brutality. My prediction is that Dean Ambrose will narrowly beat the 10 count and retain his Intercontinental championship. If the match is first on, Kevin Owens then has a good chance to make a name for himself in the Royal Rumble match.

Remember you can watch the Royal Rumble live on the WWE Network.

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