WWE News: Main Event Of Wrestlemania 32 Planned

Roman Reigns Triple H

Wrestlemania 32 is less than 3 months away; with WWE hoping to sell out the AT&T Statdium in Arlington, Texas huge stars were meant to be part of that plan. However with the huge number of high-profile injuries as of late, original or even safe bet plans had to be adjusted. As a result, this years rumoured Wrestlemania might just surprise or shock you.

Let’s face it, WWE are facing a huge injury crisis right now. Randy Orton, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan Seth Rollins, John Cena, Sting to name a few are all injured. The majority are not expected to return anytime soon; let alone in time for a program ready for Wrestlemania. WWE’s poster boy, John Cena has only just been through surgery; he is not expected to be back in the ring until May at the very earliest. So where does this leave the main event of the biggest Wrestlemania to date?

Naturally gaps in the roster only allow other stars to grab those brass rings and fill in the gaps missing. This will certainly be the case at this year’s Wrestlemania. Well according to Wrestling News Observer  the planned main event of Wrestlemania 32 is Roman Reigns vs Triple H. This in fact makes sense, late last year rumours of the two facing off at the Royal Rumble came about. Seeds have already been placed; Roman Reigns failed to shake Triple H’s hand at the Survivor Series. Reigns spearing Triple H into oblivion at TLC has also helped.

With all the injuries, the plans for the two to face at the Rumble has been postponed to Wrestlemania; in fact main event it. Obviously it is still very early days; there is the potential that Triple H could enter the Rumble match and walk out as champion. Only for Reigns to face a series of test to face the Game to regain his title at Wrestlemania. Alternatively Triple H could easily use the Authority to slot himself into the main event of Wrestlemania.

Whether it is right or wrong to have a part timer like Triple H in the main event, WWE need to stack their cards with the right deal in order to make Wrestlemania 32 a success. One thing that is certain, we will see several stars in Wrestlemania spots that they wouldn’t have normally been in. For the future of the company that can only be a good thing.

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