WWE News: Sasha Banks And Paige Injury Updates

Sasha Banks Paige

You have have noticed that two key wrestlers in the Diva’s division has been missing from in ring action the past few weeks. Former 2 time Diva’s champion Paige and former NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks have both been missing. We can reveal updates on both wrestlers status.

Sasha Banks Injury

Within the mix of all the crazy WWE injury stories that have broken in the past month or so; Dave Metlzer reported last week that Sasha was in fact injured. Her last match was on he 28th December edition of Monday Night Raw. Sasha Banks was keen to deny reports that she is injured, via her Tumblr account. These only fueled rumors that WWE are in fact trying to cover up her injury. The latest update from PWInsider is that she suffered an MCL injury in one of her knees and isn’t expected back to the ring untill mid February sometime.

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Paige Injury

Paige last appeared on WWE TV at the 2015 Tables, Ladders and Chair PPV event; in a losing battle against Charlotte. Paige did appear on the WWE holidays tour in the days following Christmas; these matches were tag matches. During an interview with Scott Fisherman, Paige reveals that a concussion is the cause behind why she has not appeared on TV lately.

“WWE has been absolutely great with the wellness program and wanting to make sure I’m back on my feet and completely healthy before getting back in the ring again. I do go to the PC (performance center) and get back in the ring there and see the doctors to make sure I’m a good kid and taking as much ImPACT tests as I possibly can.”

Concussions are a conscious concern for WWE right now. A possible law suit by former wrestlers has prevented several stars returning. Christian and Daniel Bryan being two key wrestlers being refused clearance due to on-going concussions. Paige understands the situation, “I hope to get back in the ring soon. It’s just a slight concussion. No big deal. Not a crazy one, but WWE is obviously very protective of their talent. I’m like, ‘I’m fine. I promise.’ They’re like, ‘No, we have to make sure you are 100 percent.’ They are like parents.”

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