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The Latest News and Opinion on Daniel Bryan’s Injury

In April 2015, Daniel Bryan had just become the WWE Intercontinental Champion following a Ladder Match at WrestleMania and was taking part in the WWE European Tour when it was suddenly announced that he had being sent home from the tour as a “precautionary measure” but at the time, his scheduled title defense against Wade Barrett at Extreme Rules 2015 was still scheduled to go ahead as planned. Then, just before the event it was announced that Daniel had being sidelined indefinitely with an undisclosed injury and was possibly facing retirement.

He then later surrendered the Intercontinental Championship, and that his injury was concussion related…so in retrospect, this is where the issues began. During a recent WWE Promotional Tour of Singapore, Bryan eluded to the ongoing problems when talking to Straits Times;

Because of my history with concussions, the WWE medical doctor wouldn’t clear me. We’re in the process of trying to figure out some compromise. They keep sending me to do more tests, brain MRIs, brain EGs and all my tests have come back great to the point where my brain is better than someone my age with no concussion.

So, at the moment it seems WWE are the ones holding back on the in-ring return of Daniel Bryan but there is a logical reason behind this unfortunately. There is currently an ongoing Concussion Lawsuit within the WWE by several former talents which are fundamentally the result of the WWE being hesitant…from this editors opinion, it is not because they want to but more because they have to. Arguably, they desperately need Daniel Bryan on their roster at the moment due to the every-growing injury list and lack of star power, but they need to protect themselves with this murky lawsuit loitering in the background because they need to make sure they are 200% certain he is good and healthy to return to the ring.

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But aside from this lawsuit, there could be other reasons why the WWE is reluctant to let him back into the ring. Firstly, Daniel Bryan’s style inside the ring can be seen as very dare devil style, where he takes unnecessary risks to entertain the audience. Unfortunately, there was another competitor who did this, Chris Benoit. After Benoit has died in June 2007, later tests conducted by Julian Bailes at West Virginia University highlighted the following;

The tests, conducted by Julian Bailes of the Sports Legacy Institue show that Benoit’s brain was so severely damaged it resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient…Bailes and his research team say that this damage was the result of a lifetime of chronic concussions and head trauma suffered while Benoit was in the wrestling ring.

I am not for one moment saying that Daniel is in any way like Benoit, but given how it ended with Benoit we can surely understand their uncertainty on clearing him from returning to the ring. Off the top of my head, there have being two notable wrestlers who have retired from the ring due to concussion related injuries, those being Christopher Nowinski (who was fundamental in the Benoit research) and Bret Hart. We do want Daniel to return to the ring, he is so unique and entertaining. He is an organically grown star of the WWE system, he rose to fame without the push or shoving down our throats we’ve seen with others. However we do not want him to return if it is going to jeopardize his long term health prospects.

Daniel Bryan is a fantastic role model for us to follow by, from anything I have seen about him, he seems a genuinely nice human being and genuinely cares for the world we live in which is rare. Whilst there is every possibility that he could re-emerge on the Independent Circuit should he not be cleared by the WWE. Daniel deserves to have his final swan song against those we really want to see him face, imagine him getting the opportunity with Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins or Wade Barrett one on one, those matches could be wrestling classics and something you would not want to miss…imagine him against the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, that would be drool worthy. With rumors surfacing of a potential return in time for the Royal Rumble 2016, could this mean the WWE are now about ready to clear him, only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure…


Update Sadly Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from professional wrestling due to his severe ongoing issues with concussions. Thank you Daniel for all your hard work and dedication to the Wrestling industry and paving the way for so many wrestlers.

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