WWE News: Jake Roberts Creates Controversy…

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Jake Roberts Creates Controversy…

WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts has recently being back in the news again and sadly not for the right reasons. WARNING: DO NOT CONTINUE if you are doing something that requires concentration, are about to eat any food or simply want to sleep tonight and not have nightmares.

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In a bizarre video clip recently posted, Roberts recently sent an utterly weird sexual message to Bray Wyatt saying he has bought “…garlic flavoured condoms…” along with a jock strap he planned on wearing before removing his false teeth to give Wyatt “…his favourite, a gum job…”


This is off the radar weird video, yes Roberts has done some really weird stuff before (Legends of Wrestling 1999) but this is taking it to a whole new level. I do not know what to make of this, I genuinely don’t because it is not pure cringe worthy and certainly is not for the faint hearted. If Jake is under contract to WWE, personally I am not sure but you can imagine they will not be happy with their Corporate Image being tainted through this controversy, especially considering it is based around one of their top WWE stars.

But in general, whilst there is some weird stuff out there that we may find some level of amusement in, this is just outright weird!

What do you think of Jake Roberts recent escapades…we would possibly like to know what you think just as long as we can keep our Nando’s and cider down…

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