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WWE SmackDown! & Bret Hart News

In this our first bit of news here, it has being blocked revealed that former WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion Brian James, better known to millions as Road Dogg is reportedly the lead writer for the SmackDown! Creative each week. Given the current condition of SmackDown! I am going to reserve judgement as much as possible, because to be frank, I haven’t watched an episode of SD in years…I think the last one I watched was live in 2012 with fellow editor Lucas at the o2 Arena in London. But the current condition of the WWE creative doesn’t fall necessarily at the fault of Brian, because SD is viewed as the B-show in the WWE and is therefore treated as such by WWE officials but Brian is left to create something half decent and credible after what is usually a dreary 3 hour edition of RAW which is a monumental challenge because, let’s be honest he isn’t give a lot or momentum!

With SD scheduled to be broadcast on the USA Network very soon, maybe this could be set to change as the WWE will want to give executives at USA Network what they want so this editor can see a more hands on approach from either Vince McMahon or Triple H, or maybe both. In an ideal world, WWE need to add more depth to their roster to be in a position they were in 2002/03 where the Brand Extension worked very well and gave those maybe lesser superstars more time to shine. Only time will tell!

In our next bit of news, it has recently emerged that WWE Hall of Fame superstar Bret Hart is reportedly exceptionally upset with the WWE and Vince McMahon over unauthorized usage of footage from Stampede Wrestling. This has lead to some footage being taken down from the WWE Network until the issue is resolved.

From what we can gather, Bret owns the rights to the Stampede Wrestling footage which features himself and likeness which is something he had owned from before his parents, Stu and Helen passed away. It is reportedly a miscommunication which led to footage of Bret being added.

A deal was made between Bruce and Ross Hart with the WWE in regards to the Stampede Wrestling footage which apparently does not include footage of Bret. If the WWE wished to use footage of Bret, it would have to be licensed through Bret personally to allow WWE to the use it. Reportedly, Vince is said to be handling this delicate issue personally but until the issue is resolved there won’t be any Stampede Wrestling footage of Bret on the WWE Network.

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