WWE List: Greatest moments in TLC PPV history

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On December 14th, Tables Ladders and Chairs is celebrating its 6th year of being a full blown PPV. Whilst TLC has provided countless of unforgettable moments ever since The Hardys, Dudleyz and Edge & Christian battled it out over the Tag team titles at Summerslam 2000. Since 2009, the TLC PPV has provided a mixture of Tables, Ladders & Chairs matches. Below is a list of some of the most memorable moments witnessed at the TLC PPV.

One last great ECW match – TLC 2009
ECW was an after thought, just months before its demise both Christian and Shelton Benjamin had one of the finest ladder matches ever since over the ECW championship. Combining the expertise of both men, the two jelled incredibley. This match also introduced a stoppage, which annoyed the fans. This moment didn’t take away from a great match.

Sheamus shocks the world – TLC 2009
Sheamus rose up the ranks of WWE rather quickly, debuting on ECW in June 2009, the Celtic Warrior was drafted to Raw in October. Out nowhere Sheamus became the number one contender to John Cena’s WWE Title. The match to decide the title was a tables match. In a very shocking moment Cena attempted to suplex Sheamus through the table, only for Sheamus to fight back sending Cena crashing through the table. Within 6 months of debuting in the WWE, Sheamus became Ireland’s first world champion.

Scramble for the belt – TLC 2010
It’s hard for WWE to be creative, especially when most things have been seen before. In a triple threat for the Dolph Ziggler defended his Intercontinental championship against high flyer Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger. Swagger and Kofi claimed the gold, but dropped it to the floor, what did this mean? A confused Kofi and Swagger missed Ziggler claim the stricken IC belt in a very genius way t0 end the match

Daniel Bryan Wins the big one -TLC 2011

When it looked likely that Daniel Bryam would be the first man to fail on his MITB cash in at TLC Bryan upset the whole wolrd cashing in on the new world heavy weight champion Big Show. This kicked started the Yes movement. Also at this show Zack Ryder won the United States championship, so alongside Punk a new breed of wrestler was on top of the WWE.

The Shield make an impact – TLC 2012
Just a month after The Shield made their debut made a huge impact at Survivor Series 2012, The Shield made their in ring debut against Ryback and Team Hell No. Unlike most debuts this was a TLC match. In this one match Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins showed the world that they are the future of the WWE.

Dolph Stands Tall – TLC 2012
Who says Cena never puts anyone over, as Mr Money In The Bank, Dolph Ziggler started a huge rise up the WWE. Obessed to fight The Rock, Cena was willing to do anything. Mixed with a feud with Vickie and Dolph, Cena challenged Dolph for his MITB contract in a ladder match. Dolph showed on this night he could fight the best and stand his own, with the help of AJ Lee  Dolph toppled Cena in impressive fashion.

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