WWE List: 10 Greatest Survivor Series Moments – Part 1


Survivor Series is the WWE’s second longest running pay per view event, since its inception back in 1987, it has delivered countless number of infamous moments. The Montreal Screwjob was a hotly debated topic for over a decade until Bret Hart made peace with Michaels and McMahon. The Shield made their debut at the 2012 event in a huge way.  Today we make a start looking at 10 of the most memorable moments in Survivor Series history.

Survivor Series Greatest Moments <<10-65-1>>

10. The Rock Returns! 2011

WWE did book themselves into a corner with this match, realistically did anyone expect The Miz and R-Truth to be realistic opponents for two of the largest stars in WWE history. However with the huge Wrestlemania match coming up, The Rock and John Cena were forced to team together, in The Rock’s first match since 2004. With an electric New York crowd, The Rock proved that he still had what it takes to deliver a great match. Whilst setting up even more intrigue for the Wrestlemania match. To most peoples surprise The Miz and R-Truth where able to hold up against the two biggest icons in the business.

9. Clean Sweep – DX, Hardys & Punk – 2006

In what was the third clean sweeps in Survivor Series history, this one was impressive to say the least, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, led a young team of Jeff & Matt Hardy and the rising ECW star CM Punk. From the moment the bell rang, the crowd were behind CM Punk, this match helped solidified Punk as a fan favourite in retrospect  should have won the ECW title at the next ECW PPV. Jeff and Matt also shined. From the quick Sweet Chin Music to Mike Knox through to the Pedigree to Randy Orton, the Philadelphia crowd had a fun ride watching this match.

 8. Undertaker wins the title – 1991

It is amazing to think that after just a year in the WWF, The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan. What is more remarkable, is that the Undertaker would began a true icon in the wrestling business. Unlike Hogan losing to Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker didn’t win the title clean. The real World Champion Ric Flair cost Hogan the title, allowing the Dead Man to win his first WWF title. Undertaker lost the title in a rematch at the Tuesday in Texas event.

7. Austin vs Bret Hart 1996

It is easy to think that Wrestlemania 13 showcase Austin as a star as he collapsed in a submission match against Bret Hart, however it was their first main clash at the 1996 Survivor Series established Stone Cold as the next big thing in wrestling and Bret Hart as the finest technician of his era. This bout ignited Austin as the companies saving grace, despite only being the company for less than 10 months, Austin proved he was ready for the spotlight.

6. Deadly Game Tournament – 1998

For the first time in its history the 1998 Survivor Series did no feature a traditional Survivor Series match, instead the show was centred around a tournament to crown a new WWF champion. Whilst most of the matches were not technically brilliant, the overall storyline leading to the event and the unfolding turn of events was beautiful to watch. The final two in the tournament was The Rock and Mankind, the increasingly popular Rock planted so many seeds throughout the months leading to Survivor Series. This made the ending of the match brilliant. Mirroring the actions of the previous years event, Vince McMahon called for the bell crowning The Rock as the corporate champion and the start of a fiery feud with Mankind. A nice change of pace from Steve Austin as champion.


Survivor Series Greatest Moments <<10-65-1>>

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