OSR: WWE Survivor Series 1999 Review


Whenever someone mentions Survivor Series 1999, the first thing you think of is the huge storyline that saw Stone Cold Steve Austin being ran down. Watching the show back, this was a lot better than just a show with the biggest WWE mystery that they have ever done.

The show opened with a really good opening video package setting up the feud for the Triple H vs Rock vs Austin main event. The attitude era was so good and the package reminded me of how good it really was.

On to match 1: traditional Survivor Series match. APA and The Dudleyz vs Headbangers and Godfather and D’lo Brown.

The First things that struck me was just seeing the entrances, how much deep the tag team division had back then. Four strong teams were involved in this match, WWE these days would struggle putting on one of these matches, and using actual tag teams and having teams spare for later on. Anyway, onto the match which was really good, back and forth match, a great spot where Bradshaw decided to take matters into his own hands and gets himself DQ’d by clearing the other team with a chair, but it’s to no prevail as The Godfather hits the Ho-Train and D’Lo with the Low Down to get the last elimination. 3.0 out of 5.0 good solid opening match to set the tone for the event.

Next up we see a package for a debuting star, some guy who’s won a Olympic gold medal, Kurt Angle!!

Match 2: Shawn Stasiak vs Kurt Angle 

A really good start with Kurt showing off his locks and holds, Stasiak then gets a bit of momentum forcing Kurt to go outside and wind the crowd up on the mic .Upon his return to the ring, Angle hit a variety of suplex’s before Stasiak gets some momentum, but after missing a cross body off the top rope, Kurt hits a modified slam, which to us is now known as the Angle Slam and gets the win. 3.0 out of 5.0 another solid match and this shows that on a debut you don’t need a squash match. WWE these days could learn something by going back and watching this.

Next up we see whats happened on Sunday Night Heat, with HHH trying to lure Austin and The Rock into a DX ambush in the ring, but it backfires. Heat was really good back in 1999/2000, as it was used really well in my eyes with something was always happening.

Match 3: Traditional Survivor Series match: Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel and Steve Blackman vs European Champion British Bulldog and The Mean Street Posse.

Pete Gas is eliminated very quickly by Blackman, whose martial art skills still impress me watching it back. Gangrel is then quickly eliminated by I want to say Rodney,  can never remember which ones which haha. Joey Abs is then eliminated by Mark Henry, who looked like such a power house back then! Bulldog is left by himself but picks up a quick pinfall on Gangrel to bring it down to 3 and then hits an awesome fisherman suplex to take out Blackman. The crowd are really not into this match! Until the big Money Shot by Val that wins him and Henry the match. 1.5 out of 5.0 match. Crowd sounded bored, seemed like a filler match and by crowd reaction a Bulldog vs Venis fight would have been better.

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