WWE Opinion: Survivor Series…past it?


In November, we will be in our 28th year of the thanksgiving tradition which is known to millions by Survivor Series. An annual event which began in 1987 within the Richmond Coliseum, where teams of 5 faced of against one another in the ultimate battle of survival. This was the common theme throughout the first four years of this event, there wasn’t anything but a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match until 1991 when The Undertaker notably won his first WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan. From that year on wards, the Traditional Elimination match concept slowly faded and more of a focus was put on the current feuds going on at that particular time.

A couple of years ago, WWE announced they were retiring the Survivor Series name as it was seen by many as have had its day but an uproar by fans meant the name was actually retained. But were the WWE right within their approach, is the Survivor Series past it? Let’s have a look at this shall we…

Granted, throughout the noble history of Survivor Series there have being many iconic moment…who can forget Vince screwing Bret in 1997, or The Undertaker’s debut, or Vince vs The Undertaker in Buried Alive – hold on, you may want to forget that one. Nevertheless, this editor is not denying there haven’t being many iconic moments throughout its history and there are some we will cherish for a lifetime but sadly, like most things in the world all good things must come to an end. The main reason I believe the Survivor Series is past it…tag team wrestling.

In recently years, the WWE has pretty much obliterated the Tag Team division and made it almost a laughing stock which cannot be taken seriously but also aligning people within one another who faced each other the week before, it doesn’t make the product believable anymore. The original concept of Tag Team wrestling was the base of the original idea and concept behind the Survivor Series but this is something the WWE currently lacks massively. Whilst I won’t deny they have upped their game considerably, there is still a long way to go.

So if it should go, what should indeed replace it…well, that is a question many people could ask but to be honest with you I would be happy with any replacement as long as it wasn’t gimmick based or related. Make the PPV about the PPV again, credible story-telling and must see TV because lets face it, must see TV is something lacking from today’s society. I want the WWE to produce great TV, they are perfectly capable of it but really need to think outside of the box and revitalize their brand…something I believe ditching the Survivor Series will assist in greatly.

In terms of the “Big Four” pay-per-views (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series), it is the Survivor Series which is the forgotten child because it doesn’t play that significant role within the credible business of wrestling or sports-entertainment anymore. The Rumble, yes it plays a significant role in the lead up to WrestleMania which is equally marketed as the biggest show of the year which then leads to SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer which then leads to Survivor Series. In some ways, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble are similar…its about survival but in a slightly different concept. The Survivor Series would be okay if it still related somewhat to its original concept but it is very hard to find that within the murky world of the WWE today.

I have no objection to this concept now being replaced, I genuinely think it is time for a refreshed or new concept within the WWE which will intrigue fans and get them interested in the product again rather than a 28-year-old product which became stagnant 20-years-ago.

What do you think, do you agree with our opinion of WWE Survivor Series…if not, why not we’d love to know what you think!

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