WWE List: The Top 5 Matches In The UK

SummerSlam 1992 Wembley Stadium London

During the height of Hulkamania the then World Wrestling Federation embarked on a global expansion. One pivotal market that enabled huge growth was the United Kingdom. In 1989 WWF signed a television deal with satellite TV provider Sky Sports. This sparked yearly tours, huge UK only PPV events, 6 monthly broadcasts of Raw and Smackdown and even holding Summerslam 1992 at Wembley stadium which still today is one of the third most attended show in WWE history. During this time the UK has seen a wide variety of incredible matches. This article will showcase 5 matches that are arguably the greatest of all time to take place on British soil.

British Bulldog vs Bret Hart -Summerslam 1992
Everything about this match was magical, it is the Bulldog’s finest hour and one of Bret’s best matches. In the main event in front of 80,355 strong fans inside the old Wembley stadium of Summerslam 1992 the Bulldog and Hart produced a fine technical contest and the moment Bulldog rolled up Hart to clinch the Intercontinental championship is a memory that will last forever.

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