WWE Opinion: Who Can Compete In The Survivor Series WWE Title Tournament

With the breaking news of Seth Rollins having to vacate his WWE World Heavyweight Champion due to his horrible injury he sustained in the match with Kane in Dublin, there are plenty of unanswered questions and speculation of the direction WWE can go. Particularly that there are only 3 PPV’s after Survivor Series before Wrestlemania… With the news, WWE needed to reacted and have announced that at Survivor Series, we will have a tournament for the vacated title, similar to the 1998 Deadly Game, Survivor Series tournament.

However when you look at the current roster I feel WWE will be kicking themselves for burying many of the midcard. They are effectively in the same situation there were in when Daniel Bryan had to relinquished the WWE title back in June 2014. However, this time WWE are missing all of their top stars and it is very hard to say who can step up.

Had they listened to the fans for the past few years, you would easily have a group of 16 guys all genuine contenders to win the gold, but to me right now there are very few. If WWE had played their long term card, it would make the situation easier. If all the news about Daniel Bryan’s wrestling status is true, that he is medically cleared to wrestle for a while WWE should be gutted not to have brought him back sooner. Other “over” upper mid carders like Cesaro, Wade Barret and Dolph Ziggler should all be in the main event by know. However WWE have dropped the ball so many times with all three men.

Looking at the current roster and those already established champions, it does not look good for WWE.

  • Randy Orton – Injured
  • Brock Lesnar – Worked too many matches this year
  • John Cena – On working vacation
  • Big Show – Taking time off and seriously stale.
  • Undertaker – In a feud with Bray Wyatt
  • Kane – In a feud with Bray Wyatt
  • The Miz – Lost in the mid card shuffle
  • Alberto Del Rio – Just returned and is United States Championship
  • Mark Henry – Hardly used and is nearing the end of career
  • Chris Jericho – On tour with Fozzy and has not worked at TV schedule in 15 months.
  • Daniel Bryan – Not cleared by WWE to wrestle
  • Jack Swagger – Not taken seriously at all despite how good he is in the ring
  • HHH – Not active and let’s be honest would be a terrible decision right now
  • Dolph Ziggler – A year ago was ontop the world, the all momentum randomly stopped.
  • Sheamus…

Now when it comes to Sheamus, he has the magic card that could easily be played this coming Monday in Manchester. He is the Money In The Bank holder, we have seen several times before how this is played when a champion has become injured. Could we see Sheamus cash in on Monday on a vacant title. With this being taped in the United Kingdom, this move could help boost ratings, with the breaking news that Sheamus has cashed in… however this is a crazy thought.

Given the status of established stars, it makes perfect sense to have a maiden champion, someone like Seth Rollins to hold the WWE Championship for the first time. The obvious picks would be Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Kevin Owens. With the way WWE have treated Cesaro in recent years, I think he will be badly overlooked when he has all the tools to make it as an interim champion.

Roman Reigns is the most obvious choice and deserves the break after missing out on the title at Wrestlemania and the briefcase at Money In The Bank. But how would the crowd react to it, the move would be too obvious and lets be honest Reigns is perfect for the chase right now. I would love to see Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose as the final match. Ambrose winning the title will be incredible, look at the moment he held the title for minutes earlier this year. However could Ambrose be the next Authority guy?

Lastly, Kevin Owens, WWE trust him. Placing him straight into a feud with John Cena did wonders. He has great talent and is unique, delivering so much in the last 5 months on the main roster and in NXT. He doesn’t fit the “WWE mould”, but when has that stopped other in ring monsters before? WWE really have a great opportunity with Owen’s.

If WWE were to hold a 16 man tournament here are my picks

  • Dolph Ziggler,
  • Roman Reigns,
  • Dean Ambrose,
  • Kevin Owens,
  • Cesaro,
  • Jack Swagger,
  • Big Show,
  • Big E,
  • Kofi Kingston,
  • Bad News Barrett,
  • Sheamus,
  • Finn Balor,
  • The Miz,
  • Alberto Del Rio,
  • Daniel Bryan,
  • Neville.

With only four PPV’s remaining until Wrestlemania 32, the easy money was on Seth Rollins walking into Arlington, Texas as champion. WWE have to change plan dramatically, they could take the easy route with Roman Reigns, or an established star, or take the gamble. Give a new guy a chance, someone like Cesaro or Dean Ambrose would be the perfect fit. Besides, if all doesn’t work out, they can always drop the title at the Royal Rumble.

My gut feelings is that Roman Reigns will walk out of Survivor Series with the strap, however hoping that Dean Ambrose wins it. The crowd were electric when they though Dean won the title at Elimination Chamber, WWE should see that reaction and use it to there advantage.

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