WWE News: Has Christian Retired From WWE

After almost 3 years of being on the injured list due to various concussion, former World Heavyweight, TNA and ECW champion Christian has retired from professional wrestling. This is based upon Scott Fishman’s observation of the official WWE website, where Captain Charisma has been moved to the Alumni section from the main roster with a description indicating he has retired from wrestling.

Christian can easily be described as one the most under rated wrestlers of the millennium. Reaching highs alongside his storyline brother Edge as tag team champions and pioneers of the Tables Ladders and Chairs match. Following the split, Christian didn’t receive the same push that Edge had on Smackdown.

Despite being a solid mid card position working with the likes of Chris Jericho and holding the Intercontinental championship, Christians frustrations became clear when he got naturally over as Captain Charisma in 2005. Even main eventing a Raw with Batista in Birmingham, England.

Uncertain of his direction in WWE, Christian was one of the first major stars to jump to the growing TNA roster. Quickly rising to great heights as Christian Cage, capturing the TNA Championship.

Christian returned to WWE in 2009, rather than being slotted into the logical feud with Jeff Hardy, Christian was placed as the man on ECW winning the gold and helping to establish new stars.

In 2011, he reuited with Edge, who subsequently retired due to neck injury after Wrestlemania 27. Christian faced Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match at Extreme Rules 2011 capturing the championship.

To many fans disgust he lost the title 2 days later to Randy Orton. This started a cracking and solid feud between the two over 5 months.

In 2012, Christians first major concussion occurred. Upon a return another concussion removed Christian from the main roster again despite being number one contender for the Intercontinental championship. He last match was in March 2014.

Whilst the news of Christians retirement is a little over due, WWE should at least acknowledge the impact Christian has had over the years. Whilst he hide in the shadow of Edge’s success, the fact he made himself a household name in TNA and proved it once again in his return to WWE shows how great he really was. Christian was a ring general, he could be relied on to support newer stars and deliver solid matches. Something WWE is truly missing today.

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