WWE 2K16 – Early Thoughts On WWE’s Newest Video Game

WWE’s annual video game addition was released this past week; WWE 2K16 features the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Below are my thoughts on the game within the first evening of playing it. After splashing the cash I eagerly place the Blu Ray disc into my PS4 reading to relive some old school mania. Firsts thing’s first, the worst bit about getting a new game is the update at the start. WWE2K16 update is massive 1.09GB, a huge update, all I want to do is play. Rant over!

So on loading up, I liked the fact they had kept the menu the same as 2K15 as its easy to scroll and use. So after scrolling through the options I thought I would see what’s new online. I love the fact they have a show that you can choose to compete on so thought I would enter the main event two on two tag team. The loading screen when trying to match you up with players is great as it allows you to basically be in a match with AI, to get used to your guy, with bonus’ being unlocked after hitting certain sequences. After waiting for a full 5-10 minutes a message came up to say no matches available. This surprised me and disappointed me so hopefully next time I go on it will find me a match.

After my failed attempt to play online, I thought I would check out the showcase mode, which this year is all about the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin. After a very good introduction video about Stone Cold in WCW and ECW showing some good clips I was surprised that suddenly they had fast forward to 1996 King of the Ring. With Austin’s rise so fundamental to his time in WCW and ECW, I would have though they would have included something in WCW.

This was my first match and I must say I really like the new features, it feels so much more realistic. The addition of a reversal bar, is refreshing, especially with online play; so you can’t just reverse every move and the same goes for the AI. The new pin and submission mini games are great but the pinning one is very frustrating. It is so easy to lose a match twenty seconds in, as the area that you need to press X to escape in is small, so if you’re not careful one punch and a suplex and you might lose.  I completed the match with Jake the Snake and then watched the infamous Austin 3:16 cut scene that followed. The graphics look great, then they mix in the real footage. Following this match you see a build up to your next match with Bret Hart. This is where I stopped playing showcase mode, on scrolling back I noticed I had unlocked a bonus match from Austin’s WCW days so I was a little happier, least they hadn’t forgotten.

Next I looked into the career mode, which ones again focuses on creating a wrestler and following him through to the main roster. I must say that the Create a Wrestler section is vast and gives you so much depth, which is great. The base colours they give you for hair and outfits etc are rubbish the black is jet black and the brown is like Sandy mud colour, very hard for someone with dark hair to get their hair right! As a result I opted for a mask lol.

Just like 2K15 you start off in developmental. With Bill Demott not there due to obvious reasons, I was met with Albert he put me in a match with Aiden English, over the next 4 weeks you just learn the basics which actually helped me! Finally I had shown them enough to earn a match on NXT. Mid way through a match, Tyler Breeze decides to distract me; the distraction is good but very frustrating as there is nothing you can do. When he climbs on the ropes you can’t attack him, instead you automatically just face him and your opponent gets a free shot (maybe I was doing it wrong). After my match I had to do a backstage interview which was very slow and lots of pauses between sentences from Renee Young before I get one option, what I like though is there are 4 options each time that all add something to your characters personality, so like in WWE you can turn from heel to face doing version things!

Four weeks later and I’m still in my feud with Tyler Breeze. I love the fact I can interfere in his matches or during his entrance etc. The only criticism is that it’s incredible hard to level your guy up. Another new feature this year is that each match during the match you can view your match rating 1-5 stars and it tells you what’s helping and what’s not when you do certain things, like move variety, wrestling out the ring etc. Even after putting on 3.5 and 4 star matches I’m getting next to no skill points and ability points to level up my guy. So I’m losing more matches then I’m winning. Whilst this is good, progress is slow, guess I am playing Fifa building up my team again!

All in all the game graphics and match systems are alot better than last years, but the career mode seems very long considering matches take between 10-15 minutes at the moment and the fact they couldn’t find me anyone to play online worried me, but I must say I think the showcase mode will be amazing (might be because I was a massive Austin fan and listen to his podcast nearly every week) and I’m looking forward to playing with such a big roster! To put on the matches we all wish could have happened like a 97 Bret Hart vs Daniel Bryan in a iron man match. Will keep you all up to date as I play my way through 🙂

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