This Really Happened: F1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Wrestles in Mexico

Earlier today, my good friend sent me a link via whatsapp saying “you of all people need to watch this”. Current three time Formula 1 (motor racing) World Champion Lewis Hamilton swapped his V6 Mercedes for the squared circle. You what????

The Formula 1 circus hits Mexico for the first time since 1992 this weekend. As part of a promotional event in Mexico City, Lewis Hamilton stepped inside the ring for a quick exhibition match with former WWE wrestler Mistico (the original Sin Cara). Lewis even dared a running cross body before actually hitting his own tag partner with a side elbow! Following the match Lewis gave Mistico his racing gloves.

Mexico loves its sport with Wrestling having a massive following. Prior to the Mexican grand prix being cancelled in 1992, the event was often sold out. Hamilton stepping in the ring shows a positive cross promotion between two very different sports. Lewis sealed his third World title this past weekend in the United States grand prix, becoming the second British three time champion in history.

If I am honest the video has really made my day, even if Lewis performance was questionable. Fair play for going beyond the normal Formula 1 bubble!!!

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