WCW Opinion: Myth or Legend


How do you remember the lasting legacy of World Championship Wrestling, do you remember it with sweet affection or a bitter taste in your mouth. For me, whilst the Vince Russo era and its aftermath till WCW closed its doors was questionable, I will always remember it with sweet affection…heck, if it wasn’t for WCW, we wouldn’t have seen The Icon (or Vigilante) Sting or many of the World Championship reigns of Ric Flair, for me one of the greatest to grace the squared circle.

But nevertheless, throughout its tenure there were questionable moments which made the viewer question their own sanity. Who will ever forget the sight of Sting rescuing Robocop or DDP and Jay Leno (YES, Jay Leno) vs Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman, or dare I say it the moment WCW went completely bonkers having David Arquette winning the WCW Championship, moments after his then-wife Courtney Cox screamed “David, your not a wrestler!”

Whilst it may have had us questioning our own sanity at times, it did produce countless priceless memories and matches that will last a lifetime…who can forget the endless classics of Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat or the iconic moment Sting walked out of WCW, and returned a lost soul intent on bringing down the nWo, which brings us to that fateful and iconic moment in 1996 at Bash at the Beach when the nWo was formed and bought us a new era in wrestling (or sports entertainment as the McMahon’s will have it known).

Yes, the final days of WCW are marred in a dark cloud with questionable booking and lackluster performances, you will always remember WCW whether you want to or not, it provided them moments on the TV which you will always remember. My earliest memory of wrestling is WCW, with The Giant (aka Big Show aka Paul Wright) choke slamming DDP through the stage on Monday Nitro. Love it or hate it, any hardcore wrestling will remember that final moment of WCW Nitro on March 26 2001 when Shane McMahon appeared, and truly took the wrestling world into a whole new generation.

For me, WCW…thank you for the memories, you’ll always be remembered with a smile on my face and the occasional chuckle to myself.

Do you agree with our analogy of WCW, if not why not…we’d love to hear what you think!

Image Credit: World Championship Wrestling Logopedia Page

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