WWE Opinion – Possible WWE Title Direction For Survivor Series

Hi guys, just a small article before raw comes out as I wanted to get my prediction out there and my views on how we should now play the WWE title picture. Following Seth Rollins clean victory last night at Hell in a Cell, I hope and fully expect Kane off to fight battles with his brother, leaving Seth with no obvious  opponent for survivor series. With survivor series being the second longest running PPV behind Wrestlemania I really think this is the time to bring Roman Reigns in to challenge Seth.

Reigns is coming off a great clean victory over Bray Wyatt inside Hell In A Cell. Finally the WWE universe including myself are getting behind him; he has come on so much in the last 10 months. WWE played a very smart move by did not to putting the title on him at WrestleMania like they nearly did in March. Ever since Romans ring work has improved massively; he is putting on great matches, working some unique great high spots and is very much ready for the next step.

After holding the title for half a year I feel Seth Rollins has finally been taken seriously by fans and with a surprising clean victory over Kane at Hell in a Cell; making Rollins looks strong going forward. Last week on Raw, we saw WWE’s biggest groups in recent years, The Shield being reunited in a 6 man tag main event. During the match Seth walked out on his partners, I feel this gives WWE the perfect seeds to kick of a very complex storyline rolling onto the next 6 months, this is where my theory gets interesting…

Following his victory at Hell in a Cell, it would be a great move to place Roman Reigns into the WWE title picture at Survivor Series. Now what if we see Dean Ambrose as the special referee?! A ploy thinking that HHH trying to stitch up Rollins, which then backfire. Dean Ambrose screws Reigns and costs him the match, as a result turning Ambrose heel, this could then lead Ambrose and Reigns into a feud at TLC and Rollins could fight possibly HHH or Sheamus.

This would pave the way for either Reigns or Ambrose to win the Royal Rumble the other one beating Rollins in February and then the rematch plus the rumble winner meaning a Shield Wrestlemania triple threat main event. Ever since the Shield split, fans alike have wanted to see the three members showdown; how fitting would it be at Wrestlemania. This is just one of the many routes WWE could go down to get there.

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