WWE Opinion: 5 Talking Points From Hell In A Cell 2015

Last night WWE went to Hell and back for the annual Hell In A Cell event. Whilst I am firmly against gimmick PPV themes, WWE have done a good job at build up the cell matches. The full results of the show are found here.

Del Rio dominates Cena
So many names were mentioned for a potential oponent for John Cena; however Alberto Del Rios name was barely mentioned. As soon as Zeb Colter came out I immediately had the feeling of disappointment  (nothing against Zeb, he is a great manager). Instead of Swaggers theme hitting, Del Rios theme song hit. A crack start to the show; Del Rio was fired over an altercation with a member of WWE staff.

Another surprise, was that the match only lasted 7 minutes. The majority of Cena’s open challenges have lasted a lengthy period of time. Losing clean to Del Rio in such a short time helped make Del Rio relevant and reminded fans how much WWE have missed the Mexican sensation.

Roman and Bray went to Hell.
The build up for fingers crossed their final encounter was spot on. High expectations delivered. Both men took a new direction for a Hell In A Cell match; making clever use of weapons and near torture. Both men proved how far they have come in the last 18 months.

Seth wins clean?
The current WWE champion title run has not always helped how much Seth has put in. The majority of title matches have ended up in a “dusty” finish. Against Kane I did not expect Seth to win clean against the Demon Kane. Following a fairly chicken approach to this feud; Seth shown the side he has needed to show as champion. Fingers crossed a rematch doesn’t happen!!!!

A Brutal Main Event

With WWE being PG, there is a strict no blood policy, however accidental hardways are fine right? When used right blood can really help; and the battle between the Beast and the Undertaker really was a war. A pure slug-fest that saw both men resort to desperate measures to get an upper hand. Ultimately, Brock’s low blow gave him the assist for the win. I must admit, seeing Brock rip apart the ring was beautiful. Other than the Nexus debut when was the last time we saw a wrestler do this? This was a great way to end the 13 year feud.

A Wyatt Resurrection

In a moment that allowed fans to enjoy the Undertakers presence, the moment was ripped away when the Wyatt family attacked the Deadman; carrying Taker out of the ring. Whilst this took away from a great match, a rematch makes alot of sense between Bray and Undertaker. With the added interest of the three family members, which direction can we see this feud going into Survivor Series. Throughout the night; WWE promoted next months Survivor Series event; celebrating 25 years of the Undertaker. It makes perfect sense for Undertaker to face the Wyatt family in a traditional Survivor Series match. Surely tonight can give more answers on Raw.

Overall Hell In A Cell was a fairly decent PPV; some competitive matches with both Hell In A Cell matches delivering adding value to the gimmick itself. I loved seeing the shocking return of Alberto Del Rio and the ease of his victory. Seth Rollins needed that victory badly and came to a huge surprise to myself and Dave.

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