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One of the most sought after battles of the past 20 years is for the Icons of both WWE and WCW to square off within the squared circle. Both the cornerstones of their respective companies throughout the 1990s, these men have never appeared on camera together in character. They’ve being seen together out-of-character following WrestleMania 31 but never on-camera with one another. It’s a moment fans crave, the atmosphere…the electricity but for this editor, the time has passed.

If you haven’t worked it out by now, I’m on about the face of the WWE vs the face of WCW, The Undertaker vs Sting. It was arguably the most sought after match, and still is for many that they crave and they must see. This desire was heightened when Sting finally joined the WWE in late 2014, leading to speculation later on about his potential feud with The Undertaker going into WrestleMania 32. However, I have a couple of reasons to divulge why I wouldn’t like to see these two men go at it now:

  1. Their in-ring capabilities have diminished since their hey-day of the 1990s, whilst I will not dispute both men are still very credible in the ring and can still hold their own I have concerns that it wouldn’t ultimately live up to the expectations of the audience. Fans would go into this match expecting so much, but this editor has concerns it wouldn’t live up to their expectations. Name the last great match The Undertaker had?
  2. Who would win – if this match was to take place on the WrestleMania 32 platform (or any other platform), who would be the winner in all honesty…many would want The Undertaker to win but many would want Sting to win. The Undertaker isn’t likely to lose a WrestleMania match again and nor would we want him to, but Sting desperately needs a big match win within the WWE.
  3. The time has passed in all honesty, the ideal platform for this match was 5-10 years ago when both men were at the top of their game, but also when the audience would be better able to relate to it. It’s the wrestling fans of the 1990s who wanted to see this match, do the wrestling fans of 2010s want to see this…probably not.
  4. I’d have real concerns about how this feud would be built up, and whether Vince would turn it into another ego trip. Look at what he did with the feud between Sting and Triple H earlier this year going into WrestleMania 31, what could have being an epic and sensational feud was turned into another rehashed version of WWE vs WCW again. I don’t want this feud to be revisited, that was done nearly 15 years ago in the spectacularly average invasion feud (but that’s another story). I don’t have the faith within the booking capabilities of WWE to make this feud and story relevant to the modern day, but also fresh and invigorating.

The role of Sting and The Undertaker in the WWE should be a very different one now, they should be there to help up and coming talents who need that extra push to get them to the next level, like Cesaro or Kevin Owens. They need younger talent who they can bounce off, but also those who can bounce of them and make them look like a million dollars. Sting and The Undertaker would have extreme difficulty I believe making each other look credible but also worthy. The time has passed for these two men, let it be the match we will always dream about or play on 2K16. Have them share a moment on TV, just a stare down – but nothing more. That would be enough to make the audience want more. It’ll be like taking candy from a baby.

Do you agree with our opinion about The Undertaker vs Sting, if not why not…we;d love to know your opinion!

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