WWE Breaking News: Huge Name Returns To WWE At Hell In A Cell

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Tonight’s WWE Hell In A Cell event started off with a huge bang; the show opened with John Cena’s United States Open Challenge. The name to accept the challenge was a bit of a shock to say the very least. Talk about WWE keeping this one a secret!!!

Full coverage of the event can be found here.

Spoilers are below!!!!

Former WWE and World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio has made his return to WWE at Hell In A Cell; accepting John Cena’s US title open challenge match. Following a 14 month absence from WWE due to Del Rio being fired to assaulting the WWE social media manager.

A revitalised Alberto Del Rio beat John Cena convincingly in 7 minutes to win the United States Championship.

Various names have been thrown around for the mystery opponent; however none of them included Alberto Del Rio. Whilst recently, Del Rio didn’t deny a possible return, tonight’s event has really shook up the mid card division.

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