WWE Editorial: It’s the PPV, not the gimmick!

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On Sunday 25th October 2015, we will be subjected to the annual WWE Hell in a Cell PPV for the seventh time and to be honest, if this editor had his way, would be the last. Rewind 10 years ago, we had a flurry of WWE pay-per-views which weren’t gimmick based, it was the actual event which may have had a gimmick match on it but now we are in a very different situation, the pay-per-view is the gimmick.

The original concept of the Hell in a Cell match was the battle to end the feud and spark them superstars off in different directions. Look at the battle between Triple H and Cactus Jack at No Way Out 2000, when have those two superstars crossed paths in the ring since…simple, bar the blur that is WrestleMania 2000, they haven’t. Unfortunately, we are now in a position where the gimmick, whether it be Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber or TLC is rolled out on an annual basis for the sheer sake of it and ultimately diminishes the overall impact of the gimmick.

Can you imagine if WWE held annual Buried Alive events, it would diminish the overall impact that match gimmick will have on the audience. If it is ultimately overused, then it becomes exhausted and the audience will lose interest in the product. WWE shouldn’t have to resort to using gimmicks to sell the PPV, but it should be the quality of the story lines and the lineup which sells it to the audience. Is Vince McMahon going to sell out Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX next year if he adds a gimmick match to the event…simple, no it is the quality of the product which will ultimately sell it to the audience. If there is a gimmick match, then that is okay but it should be irrespective.

Sadly, the Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber or TLC are no longer the niche gimmicks, they are overexposed and exhausted to the point the audience is fed up with them. In the 18 year history of the Hell in a Cell, there have being a total of 30 Hell in a Cell matches of which 18 of them have being in the last 10 years – 14 of which have occurred since 2009. That is a completely preposterous figure, and something that WWE really need to think about…make the PPV about the PPV, give us decent and credible storytelling – don’t make the PPV an overused and exhausted gimmick which is ultimately causing more staleness within the finished product!

Do you agree with our analogy of the PPV not being about the gimmick, if not why not…we’d love to hear your opinion!

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