WWE News: Update On John Cena, Who Can Beat Him For The US Title

WWE are currently in a state of panic; their top superstar John Cena has asked officials to take some time off in the upcoming months to film a fitness reality TV show for the Fox Network. With Cena currently holding the United States title, what will happen to the title that has been pushed massively this year?

Ewrestlingnews reports that as of Raw last week; WWE officials has yet to make up their mind on what to do with the championship. As of writing, Cena has no scheduled opponent for the upcoming Hell In A Cell Pay Per View on October 25th. Ever since John Cena beat Rusev for the US title at Wrestlemania, multiple challengers have faced Cena in open challenge matches. Upcoming stars like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Neville have all taken the challenge and come of better in defeat. With Cena taking time off, it makes sense for him to drop the title; however who is the most suitable opponent for Cena.

In recent weeks, the members of New Day have challenge Cena. It has been reported that WWE officials liked the idea of playing the freebird rule for the US title. Whilst for the Tag titles this is a fun rule, for a singles title this is just plain silly.

Dolph Ziggler faced Cena last week on Raw; with the huge jealous ex boyfriend angle on Total Diva’s about to kick off, it does make perfect sense for Ziggler to take the title away from John. During this time, they can play up that Dolph wants Nikki back during Cena’s absence; when Cena returns this creates another incredible feud between these two men; the last of which was 3 years ago. Whilst Dolph fully deserves a main level feud, where does this actually leave him within the grander scale of things. He needs that push, Dolph is incredibly over, personally a WWE World Title feud with Seth Rollins is where Dolph needs to be right now.

On key consistence with John Cena’s US title reign is the opportunity to allow wrestlers to step up and deliver. Even guys like Xavier Woods had a really good match with John; who to be fair has not had a bad match since Orton at the Rumble in 2014!

Lets look a bit deeper into the roster and see who might be suitable for the match with Cena. One fact is that Sami Zayn was due to have a big summer feud with John Cena. Due to injury that role went to Kevin Owens instead; with Zayn making an Evolve Wrestling appearance this weekend, he could be a position to return to wrestling. He is more than ready for the main roster and a very good opponent for Cena at Hell In A Cell. Imagine Sami vs Owens on the main roster? Finally a chance for the NXT guys to shine on the main roster using what got them there in the first place.

Other names in NXT which would go down like a treat are current NXT champion Finn Balor, the recently debutant of Apollo Crewes (who has SO much potential), Tyler Breeze or Samoa Joe. Other than Finn Balor, I can’t see this happening.

To the knowledgeable fans aware of Cena’s post Hell In A Cell status, a one on one match may be slightly obvious who is going to win. What I would love to happen is for two challengers to come down and face Cena; making it a triple threat match. In that case, we are very much in the unknown who might pick up the win.

Whilst it would be idealistic to think that John should lose it to someone up and coming, this may not be what WWE decides to do. Ziggler is an obvious choice; someone the fans can admire and respect. An easy enjoyable feud for Cena to return to and allow the crossover appeal between Total Diva’s and WWE. Whilst John has really impressed me this year, it will be freshing to have a small break from the weekly “The Champ Is Here” moto.

Who do you think is most suitable to challenge Cena for the US title? Let us know on the comments below or via twitter.

Image Credit: John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook Page

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