WWE Opinion: Lesnar Ending The Streak Was Best For Business

As a wrestling fan for over 18 years, Wrestlemania is always something I have looked forward to watching and Wrestlemania XXX, was probably my favourite Wrestlemania since XVII. But how things have changed, I remember watching XXX till 4am and how fuming I was that a part timer like Brock Lesnar defeated the undertaker, I literally couldn’t get over it at all. How could a part timer like Brock just take the streak, it went against everything the streak stood for. No build up, that was it gone in 3 seconds. Someone upcoming should have ended it, if they needed to. But hindsight is a wonderful thing; what a beautiful decision this has turned out to be.

Brock Lesnar is literally the hottest draw for the WWE in my eyes now, that one win at Wrestlemania has completely changed things. His advocate Paul Heyman has played a major part in this too, bridging the gaps between appearances, to remind everything that his Beast, is the conqueror and destroyer and the “One in Twenty One and One”. Heyman on the microphone is just pure gold for anyone. Brock on the other hand is just menacing, believable and must see action.

Summerslam 2014, coming off the back of his streak ending win at mania, WWE set Brock for his most dominating performance ever! No one had man handled John Cena like the Beast did that night. 16 German suplex’s and two F5s. Cena had less than 2 minutes offence. It was a pure brutal beating of a man who stood tall in WWE for so long. At this point I feel the WWE universe knew we had a pure destroyer and his run as champion (although he was only on TV part time) was a great run showing such dominance.

Despite only defending his title three times during his reign, Brock delivered everytime. The triple threat match at the Rumble was incredible, helping showcase Seth Rollins as the future.

Even at Wrestlemania 2015 when feuding with Roman reigns, Brock was dominating in defeat. WWE cleverly booked Seth to pin Reigns at Mania was well booked to protect Brock from losing his dominance.

Wrestlemania is also where Suplex city was born; something that every fan loves to chant whenever we see Brock Lesnar in action.

I honestly think wrestlemania XXX WWE made their best decision in recent years, people spoke, it made headline news. As a result it will truly set up a superstar for the future when someone gets the better of Brock in a feud. I just hope WWE don’t waste this opportunity 

Brock working part time makes him a must see attraction and everyone buzzes when he makes an appearance. I’m just looking forward to seeing who will be the next superstar booked into Suplex city?

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