WWE Editorial: “The Icon” Sting’s WWE run, scrutinized…

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One of the greatest icons of the wrestling world, who’d never set foot in a WWE arena had established his name in the later days of the NWA through his matches with Ric Flair and the Horsemen where he became a decorated 2-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but later became the self proclaimed face of WCW throughout the 1990s where he became a 6-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, engaging in memorable feuds throughout the decade with Vader, Hulk Hogan, Rick Rude and Bret Hart to name a few. He holds the distinct honour of competing in the final match on WCW Nitro, against his long term nemesis Ric Flair. That was March 2001, yet it took till November 2014 – nearly 14 years later for him to turn up in a WWE ring. So what did he do in the meantime, well he had an incredible run in TNA spanning the best part of a decade, he wanted to quietly retire but the lure and enjoyment he got from it meant he carried in. Throughout his time in TNA, he had another series of memorable feuds and epic matches with the likes of Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle to name a few.

So, fast forward to Sunday 23 November 2014 with the closing moments of WWE Survivor Series upon us where it appeared that Team Authority was going to reign supreme over Team Cena, when the infamous crow noises hit the arena and out walked the man himself…Sting!

The audience there live in St Louis, Missouri erupted…this editor was woken by a fellow editor screaming in excitement at the WWE Network, Sting was finally here in the world of the WWE. He entered the ring, and after a stare down with Triple H, he struck and laid The Game out with his signature Scorpion Death Drop. He then dragged the limb arm of Dolph Ziggler across Seth Rollins, and ultimately cost Team Authority the match and their position in power. This was done amazingly well, and it worked beautifully – his debut fitted his character almost to a tee, my only scrutiny of this would be…drop down from the rafters of the Scottrade Center, to truly fit within his character but this is nit picky and pedantic just something I think would have being the icing on the cake.

From the conclusion of Survivor Series, the world was talking about Sting again and it was a question of not if, but when would he appear again. It would happen just less than two months later, live on Monday Night RAW in the closing moments of the main event handicap match with John Cena facing off against Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane. The stipulation, if Cena won then his members from Team Cena at the Survivor Series would get their jobs back. So suddenly, there is the Icon on the big screen causing enough of a distraction to allow Cena to pick up the win. He then appeared at the top of the entrance way, and had one of those must-see moments where he starred down Triple H. Again, a truly epic confrontation and excellently executed, but given the story line background with Team Cena and Team Authority, could this moment not have being held off till the Royal Rumble?

So, Sting’s next official appearance was at the Fastlane pay-per-view – Sting did appear on the 16 February 2015 RAW, well I say Sting but it was actually a very bad impostor accepting the challenge by Triple H to confront him at Fastlane. At the event itself, the first WWE appearance of his iconic black baseball bat came into play, where he made it clear to The Game he wanted him one-on-one at WrestleMania 31. The Game accepted, and the stage was set…Sting was finally going to make his in-ring WWE debut against The Game at WrestleMania 31 in Levi’s Stadium. What I didn’t like about this segment in particular, it shifted the focus of a could-be epic feud into a McMahon ego trip and made it WWE vs WCW once again. That ship has long sailed, its 2015 not 2001…it should have being about Sting vs Triple H, not WWE vs WCW.

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