WWE Editorial: The History Of Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker

We’re now on the approach to the annual WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event, an event marred by the gimmick but will be headlined by the sixth pay-per-view battle between “The Animal” Brock Lesnar and “The Phenom” Undertaker. As credible and worthy as their compelling feud has being, it is this editors hope that this will be the final battle between these two icons of the squared circle. Out of the five pay-per-view matches which these two have had, it currently tallies at 3-1 in favour of Brock Lesnar (the first was a no-contest) even though the finishing of their latest outing at SummerSlam 2015 was exceptionally questionable. It left this viewer exceptionally confused at the time, who was the good guy and who was the bad guy…historically The Undertaker has being the “good guy” throughout their feud but in their latest offing clearly demonstrated significant more heelish tactics. So going into Hell in a Cell, who are we to presume is the so-called “good guy”, given the ongoing mini feud between Brock Lesnar and The Big Show; whose current status is questionable, and switches between good and bad more times than Linda McMahon loses an election campaign!

So, with this sixth and hopefully final battle upon us we look back at these battles of the behemoths and what we can possibly look forward to seeing from them on 25th October 2015.

#1 Unforgiven 2002 – 22/09/2002 – Los Angeles, California

The very first pay-per-view outing between the two, ironically the first title defense of Brock Lesnar’s first WWE Championship took place in the Staples Center but was ironically surrounded by controversy but its notable but forgetful finish when the match ended in a no-contest between the two and culminated when The Undertaker thrown Brock Lesnar through the entrance stage. This was a notably poor finish at the time, and was surrounded by controversy as legend would have it at the time, The Undertaker was unwilling to put over Brock Lesnar. The feud at the time was intensified by incorporating the personal life of The Undertaker, though his then-pregnant then-wife Sara, who’d apparently gone into false labour shortly before the event…ultimately to intensify what can be described as forgettable feud at the time.

The match itself, its first notable how young Brock Lesnar looks but also the presence of The Undertaker’s American Bad Ass gimmick…but given the style of matches which have occurred over the years, this is the one which comes closest to a wrestling match, featuring moves such as arm drags and hip tosses. The Lesnar we see in this match is a very different version to the one we have today, he is notably overpowered by The Undertaker whose conditioning throughout was second to none. The match is also notable for the destruction of a steel chair, used intensively by The Undertaker to the head of Lesnar.

The match was brought to a halt by referee Brian Hebner when the match descended into a fist fighting brawl between the two men and was thrown out. They continued to brawl momentarily despite attempts at being separated by the referees, but finally came to a close when The Undertaker tossed Lesnar through the entrance stage, seemingly to setup next months battle at No Mercy. In terms of quality and storytelling, this is probably one of my more favourite matches between the two as in others, their styles seemed to clash to much for my liking.

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