Match Of The Week: Rockstar Spud vs ECIII Hair Vs Hair

This is the key difference between where WWE is and the direction of TNA. On March 13th 2015 episode of Impact Wrestling broadcast, the main event was headlined by effectively two mid carders Ethan Carter 3 and Rockstar Spud who settle their score in a Hair vs Hair match in the first London taping’s held back in January. WWE’s mid card is no where near developed to pull off a story line that has progressed over the last 6 months, let alone main event Raw. TNA is doing just that, and being in attendance, all I am going to say it was epic!

What makes the fact that these two are headlining, is that Impact kicked off with an Ultimate X match for the tag team titles and a last man standing between Bobby Roode and Eric Young.

This feud has been built from the moment Rockstar first stepped into TNA Wrestling as the winner of British Bootcamp 1, being in EC’s corner throughout his rise through the ranks; defeating the top TNA stars to continue his undefeated streak. Whilst tensions began brewing, things hit boiling point, when Bully Ray placed EC3’s aunt, Dixie through a table. EC3 blamed Spud for the actions and took it upon himself to make Spud’s life a misery.

Building up to the show, interviews with both stars of the match have surfaced across the internet. TNA have been plugging this incredible match well. I don’t want to give anything away; put it this way Spud whilst speaking to WhatCulture sums up the match perfectly.

“You’re going to see one of (if not) the bloodiest battles in pro wrestling history. You’re going to see drama and you’re going to see a fight. Its not going to be for the weakened heart and its probably not going to be suitable for children or the squeamish. All I can promise you it is that it will always be remembered and you’ll never forget it.”

TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted last night that viewer discretion is required for the match, tbh I agree with her!

From a story perspective, the match has everything, a pure rollercoaster ride, built up from months of betrayal and earning respect. Whilst the hair vs hair concept normally rarely work’s the background of shaving, whilst the Kurt Angle and Edge’s feud was hilarious, some have been left to the imagination.

For Ethan Carter 3 his rise from being Derrick Batemen in WWE to become the undefeated nephew of Dixie Carter has been a tough one, however he has shone brightly. EC3 is solid in the ring, however what is more impressive is the incredible amount of hate the fans have for him. EC3 is easily TNA’s top heel right now, up there with MVP. This match solidified EC3 as one of the top guys.

” The fans can expect a great story with a conclusion, which is what I think wrestling fans really want. This match is an opportunity for two men, who have worked a very long time, to be recognised. Spud and I took great pride in building to this moment and we will both wear this match on our sleeve. Which will be weird because we will both be shirtless.” – EC3 talking to WhatCulture

Whether you have watched TNA before and drifted away, or never even tuned in. I urge you to watch this episode of Impact Wrestling. I was blown away with the pure intensity and brilliance of the show in London. The crowd was hot, all the wrestlers pulled off an incredible show. Watch it, trust me, it makes WWE’s product look incredibly weak. That is coming from a diehard WWE fan!

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