WWE News: Wrestlers Star In Time.com Most Obsessed People

Time.com has recently profiled a list of the most obsessed people in the planet, interestingly there are quite a number of wrestlers featured in the top 100. Based upon research from Virginia Tech, the list is based upon Wikipedia profiles and eight key statistics.

  • Number of words
  • Number of links to other Wikipedia pages
  • Number of external links (which are typically references)
  • Number of categories the person is in
  • Total number of revisions to the page
  • Number of unique individuals who have edited the page as a signed-in editors
  • Number of anonymous edits
  • Number of vandalisms, as identified in editing notes

It was found that number 1 was former US president George W Bush, whilst current US president Barrack Obama is number 2. One key finding of the research is that a large number of wrestlers feature on the list. To quote the researchers;

One of the most curious findings is that professional wrestlers have amazingly detailed Wikipedia pages that often surpass heads of state in their breadth and detail. There are 15 current or former wrestlers in the top 100 people on this list.

In the article on Time.com, no logical reasoning is provided why this is the case, other than wrestlers received heavily detailed profiles. As a wrestler fan and a writer within the wrestling industry, I can make assumptions that one of the main reason is due to the frequency of updates. Considering shows are weekly, with wrestlers often appearing on multiple shows in a week, this would mean multiple edits are made. As fan’s we know that it is a great source (providing you use the referenced links) of detailed insight to the history of that pro-wrestler. Once again based upon the scoring referencing and views is a major factor. Compare that to someone like Jimmy Carter, whose career has been heavily documented previously so unless new research is found no new content will be published at the rate which wrestlers are being updated. None the less the list is an interesting read, Hulk Hogan is the highest rated at number 17, followed by the Big Show, John Cena, Undertaker, Kane, Kurt Angle and The Rock, all in the top 50.

Wrestlers in the top 100.

17. Hulk Hogan
24. Big Show
34. John Cena
35. The Undertaker
38. Kane
47. Kurt Angle
50. Dwayne Johnson
56. CM Punk
57. Bret Hart
71. Chris Jericho
73. Edge
81. Rey Mysterio
83. Rob Van Dam
86. Triple H
94. Ric Flair

 More wrestlers on the list include:

104. Steve Austin
133. Sting
137. Daniel Bryan
149. Randy Orton
191. Shawn Michaels
229. Dave Batista
267. Brock Lesnar
289. Vince McMahon
313. Kevin Nash
483. Scott Hall
1456. Stephanie McMahon
2475. Paul Heyman
3106. Seth Rollins
3424. Jim Ross
4400. Dean Ambrose
5879. Bray Wyatt
5888. Roman Reigns
6652. Vince Russo
3086. Eric Bischoff
17793. Jim Cornette
20057. Eva Marie

124. Jeff Hardy
430. Samoa Joe
941. Bully Ray (as Mark LoMonaco)
1032. MVP (as Montel Vontavious Porter)
1192. Bobby Roode
1758. Eric Young
2511. Austin Aries.
2766. James Storm
5596. Magnus

Image Credit: Dwyane The Rock Johnson Facebook Page

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