WWE List: The 5 Worst Hell In A Cell Matches Of All Time

18 years since the world witnessed a brand new match type; Shawn Michaels faced the Undertaker in what would become the 1997 match of the year. Hell In A Cell delivered, devised to keep both men locked inside; the match smashed barriers and expectations. Since then we have seen plenty of other Hell In A Cell matches With the advent of the HIAC PPV, the gimmick has lost touch on its true legacy. despite some classic moments HIAC has seen some pretty low times. Here are the 5 worst Hell In A Cell matches of all time.

Kennell From Hell – Al Snow vs Big Boss Man – Unforgiven 1999

Strictly this isn’t a true Hell In A Cell match, more a cage inside a cell match with ravaged rottweilers hanging about outside. The object was to escape both structures and avoid the rampant dogs. Once again another terrible Attitude Era idea that was terribly awkward to watch. The dogs added nothing to the match, other than the dogs being interested in each other, and not getting dogkinds revenge on a man who “fed” Pepper to Al Snow. One word terrible!

Undertaker vs Big Boss Man – Wrestlemania XV

I am a full believer that all gimmick matches need to have a reason to take place. This match had no substance or need to be locked inside Satan’s structure. The feud really belonged to Undertaker vs Vince McMahon, so Boss Man was used to face Undertaker at Mania inside the cage. I’d suggest anyone to avoid this match. It was a pure stinker; the only talking point was Edge, Christian and Gangrel bringing a noose to the ring post match allowing Undertaker to “hang” Boss Man post match. Pure terrible and sick.

Triple H vs Kevin Nash Badd Blood 2003

Who thought that a long feud with Kevin Nash over the title was a good idea? Ah wait the Kliq was back. Nash isn’t a bad wrestler, this feud just didn’t add anything to Raw; considering how good Smackdown was at the time. The match itself dragged and had no need to last as long as it did. Adding Mick Foley to the mix to “control” the situation was laughable.

Undertaker vs CM Punk Hell In A Cell 2009.

Its situations like this when you look back and realise why CM Punk had sour grapes for WWE management. Whilst 2009 was the summer of Punk; who had just moved on from a cracking feud with Jeff Hardy. Backstage, then World champion Punk took offence to having to adhere to a strict dress code, got on the wrong side of not wearing a suit whilst travelling. When he was vocal about John Cena given different treatment the Deadman took great offence. Instead of the quality that we saw at Wrestlemania 29, Punk got destroyed in less than 10 minutes in a pathetic fashion as punishment. This sucked big time and no wonder Punk felt sour over the situation.

Undertaker vs Kane Hell In A Cell 2010

Undertaker really has had some stinkers inside Hell In A Cell; his match against Kane was 12 years too late. Despite having a credible World Championship run; a reignited feud between the Brothers was not a good plan. Placing the two big men inside Hell In A Cell would have made sense in 1998; in 2010 it did not deliver. The match was very slow and poor, the ending of Paul Bearer turning on the Undertaker after blinding the deadman with the power of urn. Really?

Do you agree with out worst 5 Hell In A Cell matches, are they any more horrific matches we have missed?

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