WWE Opinion: Could Andre the Giant Work in 2015?


In a recent interview with uproxx.com, the daughter of the late-great Andre the Giant revealed her thoughts on her fathers wrestling career and personal life, but she raised a very valid point in my opinion when she stated:

“…says that she doesn’t think Andre would have made it in WWE today because he would have struggled with the “intense mic work,”

There is no doubt that the wrestling business in the 1980s was very very different to the one we have today, but this editor believes there is one vital ingredient to the success in the later days of his career – his manager, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. As his health dwindled, but his star power grew there was an increased pressure for Andre to be within the main event spot to ultimately pass the torch to Hulk Hogan in their infamous battle within the Pontiac Silverdome at WrestleMania III. Andre’s infamous heel turn took place on Piper’s Pit, where he was led out by his new manager Bobby Heenan.

Being a native Frenchman, there was some difficulty in understanding his microphone work because of the accent. In his podcast interview with Stone Cold, Vince McMahon iterated the reasoning behind Cesaro’s lack of push due to his limited microphone work due to him being “Swiss” possibly, but this made me think…during his later run in the WWE throughout the 1980s, Andre not only had limited capability on the microphone but also due to ongoing health problems, a quickly diminishing in-ring capability. Given the intensive nature of the WWE in 2015, I really do not think Andre would cut it in today’s business sadly.

I have nothing but respect for Andre and his accomplishments, I truly admire him for his achievements and adversity faced through his life but in 2015, Andre sadly wouldn’t have such a prominent place within the business. Rest in Peace Andre.

What do you think of our opinion of Andre the Giant, do you agree or have a completely different opinion…we’d love to know what you think!

Image Credit: Andre the Giant Facebook Page

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