Wrestlemania Coverage: This Year’s Debuting Stars, One Is An Icon

Wrestlemania has been known for making stars; not so much recently with the lack of progression to the main event stage. However this Sunday will see several superstars making their in ring Wrestlemania debut. I do not include pre-show matches as a true Wrestlemania appearance, for that reason, Los Matadores, The Uso’s and Tyson Kidd have still yet to make their Wrestlemania debuts. Below is a list of stars making their debut at Wrestlemania.


It is amazing to think that despite being an active competitor for the entire existence of Wrestlemania, the thirty-first showcase of the immortals will be Stings first. Sting will make his WWE in ring debut against the Game Triple H in a match that, well I can’t wait for. Yes Sting is 56 but we know from his TNA day’s can still deliver a cracking match. The entrance alone will be worth every second!


John Cena is on the same duty as last year, assisting with a Wrestlemania debut. Bray Wyatt was the man Cena helped  at Wrestlemania 30, this year Cena challenges Rusev in a rematch from WWE Fast Lane. It seems very much set up for John Cena to beat Rusev, which I feel would be a HUGE mistake. Rusev needs to beat Cena to propel him into the next big heel. Something WWE is really lacking right now.

Luke Harper & Erwick Rowan

Last year, Luke Harper and Erwick Rowan stood alongside Bray Wyatt in his clash with John Cena. A high profile moment for the Wyatt Family. Fast forward a year and both men have split, Luke Harper became Intercontinental champion in November and competes in the ladder match at Wrestlemania, whilst Erwick Rowan competes in the battle royal match

Curtis Axel

Axelmania is running wild Brother!!!! I tell you this, Axel has really shone since the Royal Rumble, a simple idea has really worked and has a great chance to make an impact in his Wrestlemania debut. Despite debuting for WWE in 2010, Axel has never wrestled at Mania.

Adam Rose

It has been an interesting run for Adam Rose over the last year; Leo Kruger was crushing opponents in NXT and then out of nowhere a party animal called Adam Rose, caught the attention of the WWE universe. After a popular debut in NXT, Rose was rushed to the main roster. Whilst the character has struggled, Rose will compete in the battle royal match.

Titus O’Neil & Darren Young

Two other men who made their names in the original NXT concept, Darren and Titus will both compete in the Andre The Giant battle royal match.

The Ascension

Connor and Viktor will make their Wrestlemania debuts in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal match, which is a shame. After so much promise of changing the direction of the tag division, WWE dropped the ball with them.

The winner of the NXT Tournament

Triple H, this is incredible, this week at WWE Wrestlemania Axxess, four men from NXT will compete in a tournament to clinch a Wrestlemania spot. We have seen this before, Bo Dallas and Rusev both competed in the Royal Rumble thanks to winner a tournament. This is the first time an NXT star will compete at Wrestlemania.

 Will any of the above make any impact? No doubt Sting will!

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