WWE Opinion: 5 Talking Points Of Tables Ladders & Chairs PPV

Last night’s Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV started of brilliantly and ended very strong, however struggled to keep momentum going throughout. There was too much filler between the two main events which caused most of the crowd to go to sleep. TLC did provide the return of Roman Reigns, Dolph and Harper setting the standard and Dean Ambrose received a shocking end.

Dolph and Harper risk themselves

Wow! What a cracking start to TLC, Dolph and Harper risked their bodies in a pure car crash of a ladder match. The bumps these guys took were uneasy to watch. Harper’s dive into the ladder looked horrific on his nose then the burn as his shoulder landed into metal was sick. I watched the match in SD on an old TV but the amount of gashes blooded added to the match. With Ziggler winning in his home town made perfect sense and set up the stage for the rest of the show.

Roman Reigns is back

The pop Roman Reigns received when his music hit was fantastic, no one expected Reigns to return to help Cena from an assault from Big Show and Seth Rollins. Launching Big Show through the table was brilliant creating a great pop. The only thing for Reigns was the interview after, which Reign’s botched so much. Reigns doesn’t seem comfortable behind the microphone, if Reigns is main event material then more work is needed.

A TV that broke physics

I am an engineer by profession, I can not explain how pulling the plug from a television monitor can cause a massive spark. The only logical answer is that someone split a bottle of water over the monitor and forgot to put the fuse back in. Other than the baffling reality the ending was very different, creative and for what it was worth worked.

Gimmick Overkill

Was I the only person who felt that the stairs and chairs match were doomed from the start? As a gimmick match they actually suck, really bad and garner no interest what so ever. I must give Big Show and Rowan credit, they delivered a decent match within the constrictions. Ryback and Kane on the other hand was just plain bad. Both matches would have been fine without the metal gimmick.

Wyatt and Ambrose are the future

For the second time this decade the main event of a PPV was headlined by two men in ages less than 30. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt tore the house down in the TLC match, that thankfully was victory via pinfall or submission. Dean’s obsession with going dropping the elbow from the top of taller ladders was brilliant. The ending of the match was very different, provided a shock to say the least. Both men deserved to headline the show, and is a sign that they are the future of the company.

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