WWE Extreme Rules Coverage 2014 – 5 Main Talking Points

This past Sunday saw the first PPV since Wrestlemania; with the main event seeing Daniel Bryan face off against Kane in an Extreme Rules match. Evolution teamed up for the first time since 2004 to take on The Shield and we saw a new take on a TLC match. Below are the main talking points of the event.

WeeLC Was Actually Quite Good

When the WeeLC match was announced between El Torito and Hornswoggle, it screamed of comedy relief. It didn’t look promising either as soon as the mini-commentary team and announcer appeared on-screen. As the match rolled on, the comedic elements were to a minimum, the spots were very clever and even received a “This is awesome” chant from the crowd. Shame it was on the pre-show not the main card.

Little Jimmy has morphed into Little Johnny

I must admit the ending of the cage match was a little bizarre. John Cena appeared to look like he would easily walk out the cage, cue the Wyatt switching move and a 8 year old boy appears, dressed in a black cape, looks at what is best described like Damien from the Omen singing in an off pitch way. Cena is stunned allowing Bray Wyatt to pick up the victory. Later on in the show we find out that the boy is known as Little Johnny. Despite the last time we “saw” little Jimmy he had become a teenager, surely Little Johnny is Little Jimmy. Regardless it was a very bizarre ending to the match.

Daniel Bryan and Kane took it to the extreme
I must admit, I did not expect the match Daniel Bryan and Kane delivered Sunday night. Everything about the match screamed old school. It was fantastic to see Kane and Bryan go back stage and make full use of TV’s, cars and even forklifts. Bryan lifting Kane up and dragging him back to the ring on a forklift reminded me of the classic Empty Arena match between Rock and Mankind. The flaming table spot was perfectly fitting way to end the match. Bryan got the upperhand and looked dominant against Kane, WWE teased a rematch will it happen? Or will Bryan move on to other things?

Evolution and The Shield Did Not Disappoint

Expectations were high for the battle between the Hounds of Justice and Evolution, the match delivered even beyond what was thought possible, most definitely a match of the year contender. Starting with traditional 6 man tag rules, the match descended into pure chaos spilling outside the ring and into the crowd. Evolution appeared to be in control, with Orton and The Game nearly taking out Dean Ambrose in the crowd, only to be interrupted by a flying cross body from the crowd by Seth Rollins. Reminiscent of Jeff Hardy back at Royal Rumble 2000. Roman Reigns delivered the Superman punch on Batista to pick up the win.

NXT Stars Rules Extreme Rules

One interesting fact from Extreme Rules was that a former NXT wrestler was featured in every match in which an NXT wrestler won every match. The feature is definitely here and Extreme Rules was all about the younger guys. Cesaro dominated in the triple threat. Rusev delivered a typical squash, NXT season 1 winner Wade Barrett claimed his fourth Intercontinental championship. The Shield took Evolution to the extreme, excelling in the process of winning. Bray Wyatt finally beat John Cena, newcomer Paige defended her Diva’s title against Tamina and finally the first eliminated star from season 1 of NXT Daniel Bryan overcame Kane to retain the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

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