Fifa World Cup Special – WWE Starting XI

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So the Fifa Football World Cup starts on Thursday 12th June, with hosts Brazil facing Croatia in the opening match. As an Englishmen, I fully enjoy the world cup, England can only dream about winning and will no doubt our nations hearts will be broken again. However I live in hope and in hope this gives me an idea. What if the WWE fielded it’s own football team and entered the World Cup? Who from the current roster will make it to the starting eleven?

So with a classic 4-4-2 formation I will start with the goalkeeper.

Wade Barrett – Goalkeeper
For a goalkeeper you need someone who is tall enough to be able to punch the ball away in a corner situation and Barrett’s Bull Hammer punch is perfect. In the event of a penalty you need one intimidating to distract the forward and who better than Mr I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some Bad News.

Bray Wyatt – Defence
Big E – Defence
Cesaro – Left back
Fandango – Right Back

The defence needs to be strong, athletic and be able to prevent the offence from attacking. Bray Wyatt and Big E would be perfect centre backs. Their pure strong and agility will allow Team WWE two difficult men to beat. Cesaro on the left wing will provide strength and someone who can run and make a break down the wing. Fandango loves football, he is a massive Everton FC fan and can use his gifted feet down the right wing, besides dancing infront of a forward will only put them off.

Seth Rollins – Right Wing
Kofi Kingston – Left Wing
John Cena – Centre
Dolph Ziggler – Centre

The midfield needs people who can be quick to attack, whilst strong enough to defend. Having Dolph and Cena in the centre will give the best of both, Dolph can make quick escapes up front whilst Cena will have the experience in the team. Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston on the wings will provide fantastic speed, poise and technique for crosses into the box.

Sheamus – forward
Roman Reigns – forward

Up front are two men, who provide great strength to battle the toughest defenders and provide great strength. We know Sheamus Brogue kick is lethal, put that on the end of a football and we have an incredible forward. Roman Reigns played American Football before becoming a WWE star, like Sheamus he has great strength and speed and will blend very well upfront.

No team is without a good team of substitutes on the bench that can step in. Henry is a perfect defend that no one will be able to get past the worlds strongest man. Ambrose can utilise he crazy demeaner to distract the offence like Bray Wyatt. Santino and Del Rio can use their flair to the maximum in the midfield. JTG… well he deserves to be featured somewhere. Both the Miz and Rey and use their speed upfront.

Mark Henry – Defence
Dean Ambrose – Defence
Santino – Midfield
Alberto Del Rio – Midfield
JTG – Midfield
The Miz – Forward
Rey Mysterio – Forward

What do you think about Team WWE? How would they fair against the likes of Brazil, Spain and Argentina?

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