WWE News: Brodus Clay & Curt Hawkins Released

As we found out a few short hours ago, WWE have announced the release of several superstars and talent. It is never nice to see talented superstars be released from their contracts. Back in the beginning of May we saw several NXT stars being released, most of them were humble for the opportunity. Brodus Clay and Curt Hawkins have recently taken to twitter about their releases, whilst current WWE Superstars Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler also have commented on today’s events.

Brodus Clay

Curt Hawkins

Today is not a good day to brag how you have been with the company 18 years come August, Mark Henry tweeted that a few hours after the announcement was made, which Curt Hawkins didn’t take too kindly, hence the aggressive and understandable response.

Whilst Mark Henry’s tweet was very bad taste and timing, Dolph Ziggler showed support for his fellow superstars who were released today, even supporting Curt Hawkins by retweeting his tweets.

As a fan its sad to see very talented stars get released from WWE, I wish all stars all the best in the future.

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