WWE Extreme Rules Preview: US Title Match Sheamus vs Cesaro

This Sunday in Chiacgo at WWE Payback, two European brawlers will battle it out for the United States Championship in a match that quite simply could steal the show. In one corner we have the recently new United States Champion, Dublin born brawler Sheamus; in the other corner, is the Swiss sensation, a Paul Heyman guy Cesaro.

After a near year US title reign by Shield member Dean Ambrose, Ambrose’s luck finally came to an end in a Battle Royal, 3 weeks ago on Raw. In a match set up by the Authority, Ambrose was forced to defend the title against 19 other men. Irish brawler Sheamus managed to throw Ambrose over the top rope to win his first title in nearly two years and his second United States Championship reign.

Sheamus’ first title defence took place on Main Event against Cesaro, in a classic match up, Sheamus picked up a hardworked victory. At the Raw in London, the two battled each other again, this time Cesaro managed to pick up the victory over the champion. With Cesaro’s victory, the title match at Payback was made official on Smackdown.

Cesaro has been on an incredible run so far this year, his match against Cena in March caught the eye of his peers, a surprising entry and victory in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal has propelled Cesaro away from Jack Swagger and in the hands of Paul Heyman. Cesaro’s profile has been raised and is now a major player, the fans are getting behind the Swiss Sensation and big things destined for Cesaro.

For Sheamus, his recent United States title victory is well needed momentum boost, Sheamus hasn’t really done much since his return at the Royal Rumble, rumour has it that Sheamus is due to turn heel very soon. Sheamus is planned to join alongside Evolution when Batista leaves to promote his movie. Will Payback be the start of Sheamus turn? I can see Cesaro easily dominate Sheamus, causing Sheamus to be embarrassed and lose control. This spark will allow Evolution to get an upper hand against the Shield, Sheamus can easily be the next evolution of Evolution.

Either way, both of Sheamus’ and Cesaro’s matches recently have been impressive brawls and this Sunday’s contest will be no different, and can easily steal the show. I can not wait to see how this all pans out. Allowing Cesaro to win the United States championship will give Cesaro a well deserved boost in credibility with his rise by beating a former World Champion in Sheamus. A loss for Sheamus can propel Sheamus into bigger things with Evolution.

Prediction Winner: Cesaro

Image Credit: WWE.com

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