WWE News: Smackdown ‘Outakes’ Get Leaked

Tonight’s Friday Night Smackdown was taped from the O2 Arena on Tuesday night. Tonight’s show which is aired in Australia and the UK before the United States has had an interesting video leak which appeared on Youtube before being taken down. The leak is actually an unedited version of the show, which includes some interesting comments by commentators Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield talking with the production team, a question by Michael Cole towards Vince’s appears to have touched a nerve with Vince. This is the second video leak of the week, as the dark match for Smackdown between Sami Zyan and Adrian Neville was leaked earlier this week.

The video starts off with the introduction of Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield. Tony Chimmel then introduces Jimmy Hart to the crowd. The WWE introduction video is then aired signally the start of Smackown. During the “advert” breaks when the camera’s normally go off the air, the video shows close up of the crowd. So if you attended the show you might have a chance to see yourself on TV but not on TV.

Below are some highlights that have been spotted by Deadspin.

    • Announcers Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield making entrances, with their own music, prior to the start of the show—and JBL getting a playful shove off the ring stairs from the cameraman. Cole: “I cannot wait until he takes that bump coming down that ramp.”

    • Cole and JBL’s constant chatter through their headsets with show producer Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon—it’s amazing to me how involved McMahon still is with his product.

    • Starting at 1:50 of the first video, ring announcer Tony Chimel’s botched introduction of Jimmy Hart. Cole: “Is he going to introduce Jimmy, since he just did? Chimel just introduced him. Somebody might want to tell him, I don’t think he knows.” JBL: “He doesn’t know, he’s looking over there like a goof.”

    • At 17:31, a video replay is aired, during this time it sounds like the video is being rewound.

  • At 29:22 Cole makes a joke about 500 pounds of salad.
  • From 37 minutes
  • At 51:52 of the second video, Cole asks McMahon about some talking point, “Do you want me to say that every time, because I’ve said it a shitload of times tonight.” We don’t hear Vince’s reply, but we do hear Cole’s cowed reaction: “OK…yes sir…yes sir…OK, I’ve got it sir.”

Smackdown is notorious for its editing and is full of “canned heat” (added crowd reaction), that never sounds right. The same is the case whenever Raw is taped too. So it is nice to hear the show Raw, no puns intended. Talking of editing, during the Stephanie McMahon segment, during the live crowd coverage I incorrectly stated that Daniel Bryan had been stripped of the WWE Championship, at this time the crowd were extremely vocal, chanting No! No! No! When Stephanie mentioned names on who she could give the title too, the crowd erupted into CM Punk chants. During the airing these chants were removed from the broadcast.

Image Credit: WWE Smackdown Facebook

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