WWE List: All Of Dean Ambrose’s US Title Defenses

On May 18th 2013, The Shield dominated the Extreme Rules, with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns pinning Team Hell No for the Tag Team titles, and Dean Ambrose pinning Kofi Kingston to win the United States championship. May 18th will mark one year since Dean Ambrose won the United States championship. Despite the long reign it is very easy to forget that Dean is in fact the champion. Since Ambrose has been heavily involved with The Shield he has only made 14 televised title defences! Since November Ambrose has defended the title a mere 4 times. The last of which was a fatal four way involving Ryback, Curtis Axel and Alberto Del Rio, his first in over 6 weeks. Surely the 28 day defence rule that Shawn Michaels pioneered would have taken into effect. (Well we all know that was an excuse…. a story for another day) So here we go, a list of EVERY televised United States title defence since Dean Ambrose has been champion.

  1. May 20th 2013 – Smackdown Taping – Dean Ambrose Draw Kofi Kingston – No Contest
  2. May 27th 2013 – Raw TapingDean Ambrose Pinned Kofi Kingston
  3. June 16th 2013 – Payback PPVDean Ambrose Defeated Kane – Countout
  4. June 17th 2013 – Raw Taping – Kane defeated Dean Ambrose- Disqualification
  5. July 10th 2013 – NXT TV TapingAdrian Neville defeated Dean Ambrose – Disqualification
  6. August 18th 2013 – Summerslam PPVRob Van Dam defeated Dean Ambrose – Disqualification
  7. September 15th 2013 – Night Of Champions PPVDean Ambrose Pinned Dolph Ziggler
  8. September 24th 2013 – Smackdown Taping Dolph Ziggler defeated Dean Ambrose – Disqualification
  9. October 15th 2013 – Main Event TapingDean Ambrose Pinned Dolph Ziggler
  10. October 27th 2013 – Hell In A Cell PPVBig E Defeated Dean Ambrose – Countout
  11. October 28th 2013 – Raw TapingBig E Defeated Dean Ambrose – Disqualification
  12. February 10th 2014 – Raw TapingMark Henry Defeated Dean Ambrose – Disqualification
  13. March 11th 2014 – Main Event Dean Ambrose pinned Mark Henry
  14. April 29th 2014 – Smackdown TapingDean Ambrose defeated (Pin) Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel & Ryback – Fatal Fourway

In total, Dean Ambrose had defended his United States title 14 times, in which he has only cleanly won via pinfall 4 times. In my honest opinion the United States title is being wasted around the waist of Dean Ambrose, since Reigns and Rollins lost the tag titles to the Rhodes Brothers, The Shield have been in deep with feuds. As a result Dean hasn’t been in any single feuds, therefore defending the United States title is an after thought. In my opinion Ambrose should reach a year, then drop the title at the next PPV. That way, it will then open up the mid card for some necessary feuds. Alternatively, Dean should begin to have some solo feuds away, or even intertwined with the current Shield storyline. For example, Dean could have defended the US title against Luke Harper or Erick Rowan to expand the feud. I just hope Dean won’t be remember as the champion who never defended the championship, as he is an incredible wrestler.

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