The Music of Extreme Rules

We are nearly a week away from WWE next Pay Per View, Extreme Rules and to continue the tradition of looking back at the music of WWE PPV’s we look back at the past 7 years of Extreme Rules events and the music involved in the events.

Extreme Rules 2009

After WWE went PG, the aptly named One Night Stand PPV was no more, and was changed to the more friendly Extreme Rules, however the concept remained the same. The theme song for the event was by a band called Sick Puppies, with a song called “Going Down”. This is the first and only time Sick Puppies used a song for a WWE PPV. The same song was used on the WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2010 video game.

Extreme Rules 2010

2010, saw one of WWE’s most committed bands Saliva return to providing PPV themes with a song called “Time To Shine”. A very energetic song, as expected by Saliva. Saliva has a long history providing songs for No Mercy 2001, Wrestlemania X8, Survivor Series 2002, Wrestlemania 23, No Way Out 2009 to name a few.

Extreme Rules 2011

In 2011, the band that provided Randy Orton’s theme song, Rev Theory used their very hard hitting song “Justice” as the theme song for the 2011 Extreme Rules event.

Extreme Rules 2012

Shinedown provided the fantastic “Adrenaline” for the 2012 event, perfectly fitting for the returning Brock Lesnar. Shinedown are another band to be heavily involved with WWE providing PPV music for Wrestlemania 22 & 25, Night Of Champions 2008 and one of the current Raw theme songs.

Extreme Rules 2013

For last years event Australian hard rock band Airbourne provided their song “Live It Up”. Airbourne covered a version of Ken Kennedy’s theme song, whilst their song “Stand Up For Rock And Roll” was use for the 2008 Royal Rumble event.

Extreme Rules 2014

This years Extreme Rules event is using upcoming South African indie rock band Kongos. The song “Come With Me Now” was first released in 2011, after years of struggling to break the US market, “Come With Me Now” received airplay in January 2014. On April 9th 2014, the song reached number 98 on the Billboard Top 100, so far peaking at number 93. It reached the top of the alternative music charts and peaked at number 16 of the Billboard Hot Rock songs. The song is very funky, a nice vibrant song and different from the direction of heavy metal previously used at this event.

Extreme Rule 2015

Huge rock band Fall Out Boy provided their second WWE theme song with theirsong “Irresistible”. The song was the second single from the 2015 release American Beauty/American Psycho. Fall Out Boy previously used The Might Fall for WWE Battleground 2013. In addition, Centuries was used as Smackdown’s 15th Anniversary theme song.

Extreme Rules 2016

Massachutetts based rock band  PVRIS provided the theme song for Extreme Rules 2016. Fire is from their 2014 album White Noise. Intersting fact, Seth Rollins is a huge fan of PVRIS, the band responded to Rollins title victory at WrestleMania.


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