How To Get Daniel Bryan To Main Event Wrestlemania 30

Based upon the Royal Rumble and recent weeks the main event of Wrestlemania 30 will be Randy Orton defending his championship against the returning Batista. Based upon the fans recent reaction plain right sucks on multiple levels.

Firstly Bastista has been away from WWE since 2010. He walks back and gets give  the main spot. Not fair. Secondly he is 45, look at Hogans final wwe title reign and how much of a negative reaction that got! Ring rust of Batista is going to show. He is not in the same league as the Rock Austin or Cena to get that recognition. Finally with Orton being a heel, Bastista return hasn’t set the fans alight proving all of the above.

Randy Ortons reign as champion has not been spectacular either. His run has been as stale as the Great Khalis reign!

This puts the main event is serious jeapordy. Will the hardcore fans continue the hijacking and boo the main event? As seen in previous weeks.

daniel_bryan_photomontage_wwe_champion_by_wwephotomontagepng-d6o35hkThe man they want is Daniel Bryan. He has been the hotest thing going since John Cena in 2004. He deserves that spot fpr more reasons I want to delve into. Reports backstage is that WWE want 70, 000 fans to chant Yes! And what better way to finish Wrestlemania with that.

So how? The easy way would be for Bryan to win the elimination chamber. It shouldn’t happen that way. He needs to win the title at the grand daddy of them all.

One way would be for Bryan to get attacked after a strong showing in the chamber by Batista. You can easily place Triple H responsible by getting him to send Batista down just as it looks like Bryan will beat Orton.  The following night on Raw Bryan protests against the authority using him being blocked from competing in the Royal Rumble saying he can beat Batista. The match is set (even if it’s for the following week), against Batista. If Bryan wins he gets entered into the match making a triple threat.

The match takes place with Batista dominating before Bryan does his epic comeback. He hits Batista with the running knee. Enter the Shield. It looks like they will attack Bryan but Roman Reigns hits Batista with the spear. Ambrose and Rollins are shocked and angry with Reigns. Bryan wins gets entered into the main event and the seeds are also planted into the Shield breakup and a triple threat for the Shield. Not only does Bryan look good Reigns gets put over as a mega star.

Roll onto New Orleans and 70, 000 fans chant Yes when Bryan wins the championship.

Like my idea? Or how would you pan this out? Comment below.

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