Opinion – CM Punk tells Vince he “Is going home!”

cm_punk_bio_20130925CM Punk walked out of WWE after a confrontation with Vince and Triple H, telling Vince that his is going home just before the start of Monday Night Raw. CM Punk is reported to be unhappy with everything with creative in WWE recently, even being vocal at the beginning of the year on a “sh!t” match. Batista winning the Royal Rumble on Sunday was the final straw for Punk, who has said he want’s to main event a Wrestlemania before retiring.

Does anyone blame Punk for walking out? WWE priorities are far from fetched, the perceived treatment of Daniel Bryan, terrible mismanagement of various superstars and putting part timers in high profile positions when they don’t deserve it. The fans certainly don’t blame him either.

Punk always has been vocal about his position, he feels he was destined to fail without being given a chance from day 1. An indie wonder he was sent to FCW for development. It wasn’t until the rebirth of ECW that Punk had a chance to make it on TV, becoming in Paul Heyman’s eyes the man to build ECW around. Punk even got a rub from HHH and Michaels at the 2006 Survivor Series. Punk won the ECW Title from John Morrison in 2007. At Wrestlemania 24 CM Punk won money in the bank. Things all looked up for Punk after winning the world title from Edge. At Unforgiven 2008, Punk was forced to sit out of his title defence from out of nowhere, making a mockery of him and the title in one swipe. Despite all this Punk become a back to back Money in the Bank winner, cashing in on Jeff Hardy in the summer of 2009. This then became the first “summer of Punk”, engaging in an incredible feud with Jeff Hardy. After losing the title in quick fashion to the Undertaker, Punk was seemingly buried by the Straight Edge Society gimmick, to which he became even more popular despite being a heel!

20110627_pipebombFast forward to the summer of 2011, CM Punks contract was due to expire after the Money in the Bank PPV, frustrated with the current product and management of his character CM Punk delivered that promo, changing the ball game completely. Punk won the WWE title from John Cena in a 5 star match with the entirety of Chicago backing him. After losing the title at Summerslam, he regained the WWE title at Survivor Series holding it for 434 days, the longest reign of the modern era. Losing it to The Rock at the Royal Rumble.

It’s a shame that all WWE was focused on was Cena vs Rock. If they had seen the longer picture, this is what should have happened. CM Punk should have beaten The Rock at the Royal Rumble by a sneaky mean. The rematch at Elimination Chamber would result in The Rock beating Punk. Punk would request his rematch at Wrestlemania setting up a triple threat main event. Even if Cena did get redemption again The Rock, Punk would still be in the limelight and would have been given an incredible rub by two of the sports biggest stars. Instead Punk got Undertaker, which was an incredible match, a main event would have cemented Punks long title reign.

Should Punk be upset? Yes. During his title reign it wasn’t until Summerslam that he main evented a PPV. It was still all about Cena, not about the champion. When Punk was not going to replace Cena as the guy, he was forced to become the number 1 heel. Bastita returning and winning the Royal Rumble to main event Wrestlemania is just wrong on many counts. The Royal Rumble crowd certain made their voices clear! No doubt Punk isn’t the only pissed at this situation. 

Will Punk return? I’d like to think so, will he get what he wants in the process? Most likely. WWE need’s Punk, their main event roster is paper thin right now, the only safe option is it bring back Hogan and have him wrestle the Ultimate Warrior for the title….

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