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Wrestling is always be a business built around the Main Eventers, each year new stars are brought up some will make it however the majority will fall back down the pecking order.

When you think of money making stars in the WWE you think of Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and currently John Cena. They are/were the biggest draws this business has ever seen, and it takes a special individual to make it.

Other big stars of the modern era have helped shaped the industry, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Edge, Undertaker, Mick Foley, Bret Hart and Batista.


This brings me to today. Right now John Cena, whether you like him or not is and has been the man since 2005. No one puts more dedication and passion like John Cena. He deserves everything he has earned. The majority of the IWC firmly believe is very stale and strongly needs a change in character to keep him fresh, you only have to look at Hogan in the mid 90’s to see what benefit that would make, this article is not here to discuss him.  John is 36, still in incredible shape and will continue to draw through to his 40’s, however the new generation ripped WCW in the late 90’s with their ancient wrestlers in their 40’s. He can’t stay on top for long.

Below Cena is Randy Orton and CM Punk. Like Cena, both are in the prime of their careers. CM Punk is contemplating retirement once his current contract with WWE ends in July, even if he does extend he will only have 3 more years left. Randy Orton started at the same time as John Cena and has also been at the top for nearly 10 years, however he is only 33 and still has another 5 years on top.

daniel_bryan_photomontage_wwe_champion_by_wwephotomontagepng-d6o35hkDaniel Bryan has received reactions that come close to Steve Austin and The Rock, the man is on fire and someone everyone can get behind. We all know he is incredible in the ring and 2013 he proved he could connect with the fans on an immense level and should be in a position to take the WWE forward as the man. Let’s hope he walks out Wrestlemania with 70,000 people chanting yes and the WWE title.

Other than Bryan, who else on the roster can be the man? Sure there are plenty of talented wrestlers, most deserve a lot more than what the WWE is giving them, Antonio Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Damien Sandown, Wade Barrett, Drew Mcintyre and Jack Swagger. The issue with the above is that whilst all are solid workers, neither of them have been able to connect with the fans in the way that Austin, Hogan, Rock and Cena have been able to. You might argue some of the above never got the opportunity to, and some even robbed or pushed down by WWE.

Looking beyond the upper mid card, and into the youngsters of today. The Shield have been incredible since debuting. Dean Ambrose will become a main event villian, the one that Brian Pillman would have been. Seth Rollins is incredible, a naturally gifted athlete, however can he break into the Randy Orton and CM Punk realm? Then there is Roman Reigns, initially debuting very green has grown into a fine wrestler. Seeds have been sown, pinning CM Punk on old school raw a few weeks back. The company seem to have faith, time will tell if he can be the next man.

The one good thing with Triple H in charge is the massive focus and investment in the developmental process. NXT is where new stars are born, and currently have a massive amount of potential stars, Bo Dallas, Sami Zyan, Adrian Neville, Aiden English and Alexander Rusev. They all have the potential to make it.

Regardless of the situation there always will be someone on top. The fans will love or hate him. He will draw. It will just be nice for us fans to see something other than Randy Orton vs John Cena for the title.

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  1. Good article Lucas! 🙂
    I think the problem with WWE today is that Vinnie Mac etc have just lost touch with the audience. They desire mainstream publicity so much that they believe someone like Batista will draw massive, Rock like numbers- which is obviously never going to happen. The Rumble showed how out of touch with the audience they were. Not putting Bryan in the Rumble match was clearly a massive mistake, when it was all that Pittsburgh crowd wanted. Knowing Vince is super stubborn, he is probably purposely not going to push Bryan now because he knows thats what the crowd wants- and he’ll end up making millions, when he could be making billions. No one really wants to see a 45 year old Jersey Shore reject come back after 4 years away and walk into the Wrestlemania top spot. People want to see the guy they’ve been routing for over the past year finally overcome the odds and become “the man”. People are invested in Daniel Bryan. If the currently planned “Bryan vs Sheamus 3” goes ahead at WM it will be quite low down the card and a downright waste of time. I could book WWE better than they do it themselves at the moment… it seemed like a no brainer to me to have Bryan win the Rumble, and then win the title at WM, having 70,000 chanting yes to end the show!

    Also I feel very sorry for Dolph. I don’t know who the hell he pissed off backstage haha but compared to this time last year, when he was on fire, and he finally won the title at the post Mania raw, he is being beaten week in and out by the likes of Fandango. I find it interesting that the biggest pops at the Rumble were Dolph, Punk, and the Shield, and equally interesting when Rowan and Harper came out the crowd were literally silent- Bray is the only Wyatt the crowd apparently cares about. If they want to build a massive heel, they should of had Bad News Barrett come out at number 30 in the Rumble and do the whole “You want Daniel Bryan…I’ve got some bad news”… that would of made him a mega heel over night.

    WWE needs to listen to the crowds and push the guys that the audience care about (to a sensible extent- no use giving El Torito a full title run haha). It’s really frustrating watching wrestling these days when you know it has the ability to be 100% better!

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