Wrestlethoughts Awards 2013

2013 was a year that had its ups and its down, and plenty of controversy. Here are the awards for 2013.

Superstar of the year

daniel_bryan_photomontage_wwe_champion_by_wwephotomontagepng-d6o35hkWinner: Daniel Bryan

2013 was the year of Daniel Bryan. His incredible momentum from 2012 continued, first as tag team champion with Kane, through the summer with a match of the year candidate with John Cena, becoming WWE Champion at Summerslam for 5 minutes.

The crowd have been behind Bryan the whole year, in fact when has a crowd been this hot? Yes he has been held back by the authority but 2014 will be even stronger for the Goatface wonder!

Match of the Year

Winner: Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

Notable mentions: CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar, CM Punk vs Undertaker

This match summed up how good Daniel Bryan and John Cena are, an emotional rollercoaster ending up with Daniel Bryan becoming WWE Champion. John Cena put Bryan over in the best way possible, and proved that with the right guy, Cena can excel in the ring too.

Diva of the Year

Winner: AJ Lee

The diva’s division has certainly had more relevance this year mainly thanks to Total Diva’s. However one Diva has changed the division, that Diva is current champion AJ Lee. Her title winning match against Kaitlyn was one of the finest Diva’s match in recent memory. AJ has taken the Diva’s division by storm and sets her sights on becoming the longest reigning Diva’s Champion.

Tag Team of the Year

Winner: The Shield

The Shield have been unstoppable since their debut just over a year ago. From their first match at TLC they have delivered some classic battles, with the Uso’s, the Rhodes brothers and even getting the nod from Undertaker for a match on Raw and Smackdown in London. As a result of the shield the tag division has never been stronger.

Moment of the year

Dolph Ziggler cashing in money in the bank

Winner: Dolph Ziggler cashing in money in the bank.

Dolph Ziggler had held onto his briefcase for 8 months and cashed it in the night after Wrestlemania and what a crowd reaction he got. It’s a shame his concussion shortened his title run, but this was an incredible moment.

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