WWE No Mercy PPV Music

No Mercy returns to an annual WWE PPV event with Smackdown returning to running the event exclusively. The original PPV ran from 1999 to 2008. Two No Mercy shows ran in 1999 with the earlier being a UK PPV exclusive show. Music has been a key part to No Mercy; even donning it’s on theme song named after itself.  Today we recap back over the history of WWE No Mercy PPV themes.

WWE No Mercy PPV Theme Songs

No Mercy 1999 (UK)

No Mercy 1999 (US)

No Mercy 2000

No Mercy 2001

Artist: Saliva

Song: Click Click Boom

This event marked the beginning of using upcoming and established bands for PPV theme songs. Saliva were one of the first “WWE bands”. Providing songs for WrestleMania X8 & 23,  Survivor Series 2002,  Unforgiven 2003, No Way Out 2009 and Extreme Rules 2010.

No Mercy 2002/2004/2006/2007

Artist: WWE Production

Song: No Mercy

No Mercy 2003

Artist: Dope

Song: Today is the Day

No Mercy 2005

Artist: Shinedown

Song: Save Me

The fantastic Shinedown provided the song Save Me for the 2005 No Mercy event. Given the poster and the real life events involving Eddie Guerrero the song has an emotional connection to the event. Shinedown became a WWE band providing plenty of songs for WWE over the years. They also provide the current WWE Raw theme song.

No Mercy 2008

Artist: Metalica

Song: All Nightmare Long

No Mercy 2016

Artist: Kit

Song: No Mercy