WWE Money In The Bank PPV Songs

WWE Money In The Bank PPV Songs

Money In the Bank has been an annual Pay Per View event for the WWE since 2010. Following the success of the previous Money In The Bank matches as WrestleMania; the decision to make it a full blown annual event was taken to replace July’s Vengeance “Night Of Champions” slot.  Below is a full list of WWE Money In The Bank PPV songs used for the events.

Money In The Bank 2010

Theme song: I Fight Dragons – “Money”

Chicago based rock band I Fight Dragons produced the song “Money” which was used for the inaugural Money In The Bank PPV. The band is unique due to the 8 bit sound which influence their music. Interestingly during an interview with AVClub, frontman Brain Mazzaferri revealed that someone in WWE liked I Fight Dragons and pitched the song money as the theme song.

Someone from WWE was an I Fight Dragons fan and liked the song, and I think suggested it internally to their people, who reached out to us. We were like, “Hell yes! We would love to be a part of that.” We got to go down and be special guests at the “Monday Night Raw” before “Money In The Bank,” and it was so fun. We did an 8-bit version of The Miz’s theme song, and he ended up winning, which was awesome. He was our pick.

Of course, Wrestling Dirty Deed’s managed to pick out I Fight Dragons Gameboy version of The Miz’s theme song “I Came To Play”.

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Money In The Bank 2011 to 2015

Sadly, ever since 2011 WWE have failed to be creative with a theme each year. Instead Jim Johnston song “Money In The Bank” has been the theme ever since. Not particularly exciting at all.

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