WCW World Heavyweight Title Reigns

This is the complete list of every WCW World Heavyweight Championship reign. The title was unified with the WWF World Title following the acquisition of WCW at Vengeance 2001. Chris Jericho is the last recognised WCW World Champion beating The Rock in the semi finals of the Undisputed World Championship tournament.

#WrestlerReign numberDateDays heldEvent
1Ric Flair>1Jan 11, 1991171House show
Defeated Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. WCW recognized it as an NWA reign extended to WCW, but it is not considered as one of Flair’s 16 world titles, which are made of 2 WWF titles, 6 WCW titles and 8 NWA titles.
VacatedJul 1, 1991
Flair left for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was stripped of the title.
2Lex Luger1Jul 14, 1991230The Great American Bash
Defeated Barry Windham in a steel cage match.
3Sting1Feb 29, 1992134SuperBrawl II
4Big Van Vader1Jul 12, 199221The Great American Bash
5Ron Simmons1Aug 2, 1992150House show
The match would be shown on WCW Main Event via tape delay.
6Big Van Vader2Dec 30, 199271House show
7Sting2Mar 11, 19936London, House show
8Big Van Vader3Mar 17, 1993285Dublin, House show
9Ric Flair2Dec 27, 1993111Starrcade: 10th Anniversary
VacatedApr 17, 1994Spring Stampede
Title held up after Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat results in a double pin. This occurrence is unrecognized by WWE, who considers Flair a six-time WCW Champion, his first reign being an NWA reign extended to WCW.
9Ric Flair3Apr 21, 199487Saturday Night
Defeated Steamboat in a rematch. Aired on May 14, 1994.
10Hulk Hogan1Jul 17, 1994469Bash at the Beach
12The Giant1Oct 29, 19958Halloween Havoc
Won in a match where the title could be changed by disqualification. The Giant defeated Hogan by disqualification when Hogan’s manager Jimmy Hart interfered.
VacatedNov 6, 1995Nitro
The Giant was stripped of the title due to controversial finish of Halloween Havoc match.
13Randy Savage1Nov 26, 199531World War 3
Won in a World War 3 match, last eliminating One Man Gang.
14Ric Flair4Dec 27, 199526Starrcade: World Cup of Wrestling
15Randy Savage2Jan 22, 199620Nitro
16Ric Flair5Feb 11, 199671SuperBrawl VI
Won in a Steel cage match.
17The Giant2Apr 22, 1996110Nitro
Aired Apr 29, 1996.
18Hollywood Hogan2Aug 10, 1996359Hog Wild
19Lex Luger2Aug 4, 19975Nitro
20Hollywood Hogan3Aug 9, 1997141Road Wild
21Sting3Dec 28, 1997Starrcade
Hogan first pinned Sting, but guest referee Bret Hart accused the first referee Nick Patrick of making a fast count and restarted the match. Sting won by submission.
VacatedJan 8, 1998Thunder
Aired Jan 8, 1998. Title held up due to controversy over finish of Dec 28 and Dec 29 matches.
22Sting4Feb 22, 199856SuperBrawl VIII
Defeated Hogan in a rematch.
23Randy Savage3Apr 19, 19981Spring Stampede
24Hollywood Hogan4Apr 20, 199877Nitro
25Goldberg1Jul 6, 1998174Nitro
26Kevin Nash1Dec 27, 19988Starrcade
27Hollywood Hogan5Jan 4, 199969Nitro
Nash laid down for Hogan.
28Ric Flair6Mar 14, 199928Uncensored
Flair pinned Hogan in a First Blood Steel Cage match.
29Diamond Dallas Page1Apr 11, 199915Spring Stampede
Defeated Flair, Sting, and Hollywood Hogan in a four-way match. Randy Savage was the special guest referee
30Sting5Apr 26, 1999<1Nitro
31Diamond Dallas Page213
Defeated Sting, Kevin Nash, and Goldberg in a No Disqualification Fatal Four-Way match.
32Kevin Nash2May 9, 199963Slamboree
33Randy Savage4Jul 11, 19991Bash at the Beach
Savage pinned Nash in a tag team match also featuring Sid Vicious and Sting; if Nash was pinned or if he had to submit he would lose the championship.
34Hollywood Hogan6Jul 12, 1999Nitro
35Sting6Sept 12, 1999Fall Brawl
VacatedOct 25, 1999Nitro
Sting was stripped of the title after losing a non sanctioned match against Goldberg and attacking referee Charles Robinson at Halloween Havoc.
36Bret Hart1Nov 21, 199929Mayhem
Defeated Chris Benoit in a tournament final.
VacatedDec 20, 1999Nitro
Hart vacated the title because of the controversial match with Goldberg at Starrcade 1999
37Bret Hart2Dec 20, 199927Nitro
Defeated Goldberg in a rematch.
VacatedJan 16, 2000Souled Out
Hart vacated the title due to injury.
38Chris Benoit1Jan 16, 20001Souled Out
Defeated Sid Vicious.
VacatedJan 17, 2000Nitro
Title held up because when Benoit won the match Sid’s foot was under the rope during the decisively submission. In reality, Benoit forfeited the title and left for the WWF after dispute with management.
39Sid Vicious1Jan 24, 20001Nitro
Defeated Kevin Nash after defeating The Harris Brothers for the right to wrestle Nash for the belt.
VacatedJan 25, 2000Thunder
Stripped by Commissioner Kevin Nash due to Sid pinning the wrong Harris Brother.
40Kevin Nash3Jan 25, 2000<1Thunder
Awarded himself the title. Not listed in the title lineage at WWE.com.td>
41Sid Vicious2
Defeated Nash and Ron Harris in a handicap match by making Nash submit. Aired Jan 26, 2000.
VacatedApr 10, 2000Nitro
All WCW titles were declared vacant by Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff after WCW was rebooted.
42Jeff Jarrett1Apr 16, 20008Spring Stampede
Defeated Dallas Page in tournament final.
43Diamond Dallas Page3Apr 24, 20001Nitro
Defeated Jeff Jarrett in a steel cage match.
44David Arquette1Apr 25, 200012Thunder
Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff in a tag team title match also featuring Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett; the wrestler who scored the decisive fall would be declared champion. Aired Apr 26, 2000.
45Jeff Jarrett2May 7, 20008Slamboree
Won in a Triple Cage match that also included Page.
46Ric Flair7May 15, 20007Nitro
VacatedMay 22, 2000Nitro
Vince Russo stripped Flair of the title.
47Jeff Jarrett3May 22, 20001Nitro
Defeated Kevin Nash in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the vacant title.
48Kevin Nash4May 23, 20006Thunder
Defeats Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a Triple Threat match. Aired on May 24, 2000.
49Ric Flair8May 29, 2000<1Nitro
Nash gave title back to Flair.
50Jeff Jarrett441
51Booker T1Jul 9, 200050Bash at the Beach
After the controversial Hogan vs. Jarrett match, head writer Vince Russo announced that Jarrett would defend the title in an impromptu match against Booker T.
52Kevin Nash5Aug 28, 200020Nitro
53Booker T2Sept 17, 20008Fall Brawl
Won a Caged Heat match.
54Vince Russo1Sept 25, 20007Nitro
Won in a steel cage match.
VacatedOct 2, 2000Nitro
Russo decided he was not a wrestler and he did not want the title.
55Booker T3Oct 2, 200055Nitro
Defeated Jeff Jarrett in a “San Francisco 49ers match”.
Scott Steiner1Nov 26, 2000120Mayhem

Won in a “Straight Jacket steel cage match”.

57Booker T4Mar 26, 2001120Nitro
Won on the final episode of Nitro. WCW was purchased by the WWF on Mar 23, 2001; title was simply referred to as “WCW Championship” afterward.
58Kurt Angle1Jul 24, 20016SmackDown!
Aired Jul 26, 2001.
59Booker T5Jul 30, 200120Raw Is War
60The Rock1Aug 19, 200163SummerSlam
61Chris Jericho1Oct 21, 200115No Mercy
62The Rock2Nov 5, 20034Raw
The title was referred to as simply the “World Championship” on Nov 19 after the demise of The Alliance. td>
63Chris Jericho2Dec 9, 2001<1Vengeance
UnifiedDec 9, 2001Vengeance
Unified with the WWF Championship when Jericho defeated Steve Austin to create the “Undisputed WWF Championship”.